8 Weeks and counting

The World Cup came and went and i’m still recovering.
I’m more stable on my feet, walk around the house in sandles, exercise and massage the area regularly.
I wear the boot outdoors and indoors when the heel pain is unbearable. The hinge is set to 25 degrees plantar (maximum) and 10 for dorsiflex.
Any recommendations for any [...]

Heel pain!

I’ve been in a cast for 4 weeks, boot for 2 weeks and just started walking unaided around the house, without boot and crutches.
Whilst it’s going well I’m getting a niggling pain in the heel!
I’m wearing comfy night slippers and cushions in footwear.
What else?

My CAM Air Walker Boot!

Made by Chaneco. Foot position adjustable 25% plantar and 25% dorsiflex.
Also has an air inflator to maximise comfort around the ankles.
I bought this online!

SNAP - there goes my achilles

Snap – there goes my Achilles - thats exactly what happened!
May 23rd 2010, on a fine Friday evening, I went to play footy with mates on an artificial surface.
I turned up late, so didn’t get a chance to fully warm up and secondly I was wearing mould-studs.
Yeah sounds crazy – but I reckon these are contributory [...]