6 to 11 weeks

After the 6 weeks and another 2hours before I got in the cast was cut off and the surgeon  confirmed that there was reattachment and said I could go into the boot. This was a relief as I am claustrophobic and actually suffered a panick attack when i was in the cast.  The technician cut up a 3 inch thick piece of foam and place it in the heel portion of the boot . This was supposed to elevate my heel in the boot. However, once I started to weight bear the foam was crushed to no more that a quarter of an inch with my weight and I could feel an uncomfortable stretch in the tendon. From my readings of this blogsite I chose to go the the pharmacy and purchase Dr Scholl’s heal supports and layered them over my orthotic  to elevate my heel about an inch. This felt a lot more comfortable. I progressively removed a layer every week so that after 4 weeks I am down to using just the orthotic in the boot. I used some of the heel supports to elevate my good heel so that it was at the same level as the boot. This made walking a lot easier. I paid $150 for the boot and another  $30 for 3 sets of heel supports.

Now at 11 weeks post rupture I use the boot when I go out and prefer to use Crocs at home. I haven’t started Physiotherapy yet as most of the PTs I have spoken to were not familiar with the non surgical approach and I did not want to risk a rerupture. I hope to make an appointment this week with a PT.

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  1. Ifixteeth, it looks as if you’ve put the first long paragraph of your story in the TITLE field! It doesn’t look too weird on your own page here, but it kind of clogs up the listing of new posts on the Main page. (OK, now that I’ve posted a comment, it DOES look weird here, too!)

    Maybe Dennis can fix it, or maybe only you can? I think I’d click on “Edit” and then use “cut and paste” to move the text from the “Title” box to the “Text” or “Message” box.

    BTW, that technician who used soft foam to elevate your heel is an incompetent moron — not to be dismissive or judgmental about a fellow human just trying to do his or her job, of course!

    Your response to the problem was just right. Say Hi to Chris for me if you go to him at SMS for PT!

  2. Success! I guess changing this post was HARDER than pulling teeth, eh? :-) I think a typo crept into your first sentence, which I can’t quite parse, though I think I’ve got the drift.

    BTW, before I started blogging about ATs, I don’t think I EVER misspelled “heel” or “heal”, but now it seems like I’m flipping a coin!

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