5 Months 19 Days Post Injury - Rehab Question

It’s been a while since I’ve posted… sorry, but my life is rediculously hectic!
Anyway, I was able to get PhysRehab for 3 or 4 weeks after getting out of my boot… I made great progress and everybody was impressed. I told my Dr. I wanted to use the protocol mentioned here and he really didn’t [...]

35 Days Post Injury and I Walked (In a boot, of course)

The Title of this blog says it all!!!
On December 29th, 2010, they took my cast off and put me in a boot. Because I had mentioned the protocol suggested on this site (and pushed my MD to let me try it), he put me in a boot with no riser… and OK’d a modified version [...]

Hard To Resist!

So as my calf atrophies my cast becoms more and more loose. I’m able to put 4 fingers down into my cast and rub my calf muscle… That feels great!
Still, there’s something else I’ve noticed… My foot has more room to wiggle around inside the cast, too…
Quite by accident I discovered that [...]

When They Say “No Weight Bearing”, What Do They Mean, Exactly?

I’ve been told “No Weight Bearing” until further notice.
I use a knee walker most of the time… and I use crutches sometimes… but, sometimes I just hop around (if it’s just for a short distance)…
When I am brushing my teeth I just let the toe of my cast rest on the ground (rather than hold [...]

Cleared To Work?

I’ve read several different comments from people who say they’ve been “Cleared to Work”… This confuses me.
My last appointment with my Dr. I asked if I should be going to work…
Non surgery… in a cast.
He said, “Sure. As long as you’re not swelling I’ve got no problem with it.”
I haven’t had any [...]

Are My Dreams Hurting Me?

Today marks 10 Days since I tore my Achilles…
So, for the past 2 nights I’ve had dreams about my Achilles…
Two nights ago I dreamed I was sitting on the examination bed in my doctors office facing forward with both legs hanging down over the side… the doctor said, "Ok, point your toes." So [...]

Riddle Me This - Achilles Email Concern

I have an iPhone and I occasionally check email through it… I get all kinds of emails from various places…
Whenever somebody comments on my blog (or replies to a comment I made on another blog) I get email notification… That’s all cool.
There is a difference between regular emails I receive and emails I [...]

I Have Worms In My Leg!

I can’t describe the sensation any better than that. Worms in my leg… or, rather, what I imagine it would feel like if worms were crawling inside my leg.
No pain… just a very strange and creepy sensation…
I suppose it’s just blood and “stuff” moving around as part of the healing process.
Anybody relate?

I See You Tore Your Achille’s Tendon, I Tore My Achille’s Tendon Too…

Hello everybody! I’m new here so let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m a 40 year old male from Kentucky. I am happily married to a beautiful Brazilian woman and we have two wonderful children. Our daughter is 9 years old and our son will be 7 in December. I own a small [...]