Cleared To Work?

I’ve read several different comments from people who say they’ve been “Cleared to Work”… This confuses me.

My last appointment with my Dr. I asked if I should be going to work…

Non surgery… in a cast.

He said, “Sure. As long as you’re not swelling I’ve got no problem with it.”

I haven’t had any swelling whatsoever… I’ve been working all along… I worked a 9 hour day 2 days after the rupture…

Should I NOT be working? What gives?

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  1. It depends on your job, I work in an intensive care unit in a hospital 35 minute drive away. I’m on my feet for a good part of the day , there’s no way they would allow me on the unit in a cast or on crutches. I also need to be able to drive to work.
    I have spent time updating resources and reading journals, but my job is mostly hands on one to one patient contact, and they can’t come to me!
    Good to hear that you’re able to work, it does help to stave off boredom.

  2. I sit behind a desk all day. Had surgery on a Wednesday. Work emails Thursday night, Worked from home on Friday, back to the office on Monday.

    If you’re on your feet all day, ie. Nurse, delivery person, service jobs etc… it would be tough and might require disability for weeks. Desk Jockeys like me no prob. I was lucky however, my AT pain was also minimal, I only took pain meds 1 time as a precaution the day after surgery.

  3. I’m a primary teacher who would be on her feet all day, so couldn’t manage. Apart from which the school isn’t insured to have me on site in a cast or on crutches!!!

  4. “Should I NOT be working? What gives?”


    sorry for laughing but , what a question or questions .

    Depends on your job , so maybe if you had of said what you did for a living !!

    take care

  5. Sorry about that philc (and everybody else!) :)

    I work in a pharmacy… I used to stand in one spot for 9 hours a day slumped over a keyboard… after about a decade of doing this things started to hurt, so now I sit at a keyboard all day… The design of my pharmacy requires a little bit of walking (see here: ) from one side to the other, but for the most part my employees can do this… I’m able to get through the day without having to stand up much… I have one of these: to help out (knee walker) …
    But the only bathroom in the building is upstairs. I have crutches to help me navigate the stairs, but I try to limit my trips to 1 or 2 a day… :)

    Anyway… my chair sits up high and my leg hangs down most of the time… If I get uncomfortable I’m able to lift my leg up and put it on the counter top… that helps.

    But I really haven’t had any discomfort or trouble thus far, so I’m gonna keep on working :)

  6. I dont understand how others have managed to work so much and so early - I was told to elevate my foot above heart as much as possible for first four weeks…
    Have been working a little or studying at home since day 6 but my crutch induced shoulder problems have also complicated matters.
    At 7 weeks my leg aches if I have been sat for two hours… resolves after a few hours elevation… then recurs after an hour… so for me that is limiting factor.
    I think it just varies. Maybe we should add time to work timeline widget

  7. Sorry to hear of your troubles, Snap.
    I really have not had ANY discomfort at all… NONE.
    I fell just fine and want to go walking (although I know that’d be insane).
    What can I say?

  8. Hey, I went back to work 8 days after my ATR. Sedentary job, but basically it was too boring to stay home (and nobody to carry my coffee haha). I never really elevated my foot much and had very little trouble with swelling and no real pain at all - until NOW (16 wks). Now i get what everyone has been talking about. Its the first time I used ice. Bizarre. And not even sure what triggered it! I suspect that as Norm said at one stage, it is just something that comes and goes…

  9. I went to work 2 days after…

    Interesting about you new “problem”… Sorry to hear that!
    Thanks for the headsup :)

    Be well soon

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