Riddle Me This - Achilles Email Concern

I have an iPhone and I occasionally check email through it… I get all kinds of emails from various places…
Whenever somebody comments on my blog (or replies to a comment I made on another blog) I get email notification… That’s all cool.
There is a difference between regular emails I receive and emails I receive from AchillesBlog.
Any email from achilles blog has the Title accompanied by MY Picture. A photograph of ME!!! It’s not part of the body of the email… it’s in the title…
No other emails I have ever received have this attachment.

Now, I have not uploaded any pictures to AchillesBlog… Not even sure how to do that at the moment…

Furthermore, the picture being used is not in my cell phone… this implies it’s coming from a 3rd location…

How can this be?

hopefully you’ll be able to see it here:

If no image appears… just try this link:

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  1. Not sure Icky, I get the e mail notification but not with an accompanying photo. Ask dennis he may be able to help you.

  2. OK… how do I find Dennis?
    Does this site have a way to PM (Private Message) to members?

  3. I don’t think there’s a PM function, but those notifications you’re getting usually include the e-mail addresses of the poster.

    Dennis monitors the site, and especially when his name is mentioned, which we’ve done a few times already, so he should be responding, either here or to you privately.

  4. icky - I think it’s your iPhone interpreting your email address. The “From” address is from you, so I think your iPhone sees this and adds the picture. That image probably is on your iPhone somewhere, or from whatever email address that you are using.

  5. But that image isn’t on my iPhone… I’ve searched a few times…
    Very odd…
    Furthermore, I don’t get this on any other emails from any other sources… only from Achilles.

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