I Have Worms In My Leg!

I can’t describe the sensation any better than that. Worms in my leg… or, rather, what I imagine it would feel like if worms were crawling inside my leg.

No pain… just a very strange and creepy sensation…

I suppose it’s just blood and “stuff” moving around as part of the healing process.

Anybody relate?

3 Responses to “I Have Worms In My Leg!”

  1. Can’t say I’ve experienced that but in the firts weeks I did get lots of strange sensations it was a mixture of your body healing, becoming used to being motionless and skin drying out and having no where to go. Elevation was always my way of dealing with it all. I don’t think you can underestimate the powere of elevation with an AT injury. It is mt default position these days on the couch with my leg elevated on pillows. I don’t need it so much now but I still do it. Sorry can’t help with the worms sensation. Keep healing

  2. Hi Icky, I would agree. I just phoned in to my
    surgeons office to make sure I’m doing what I should
    at this stage (6 weeks out). They reaffirmed keeping the leg
    elevated, and in my case iced periodically, since I am still
    swollen around my ankle. Best of luck to you. I’m officially
    FWB as of today.

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