Cleared To Work?

I’ve read several different comments from people who say they’ve been “Cleared to Work”… This confuses me.
My last appointment with my Dr. I asked if I should be going to work…
Non surgery… in a cast.
He said, “Sure. As long as you’re not swelling I’ve got no problem with it.”
I haven’t had any [...]

Are My Dreams Hurting Me?

Today marks 10 Days since I tore my Achilles…
So, for the past 2 nights I’ve had dreams about my Achilles…
Two nights ago I dreamed I was sitting on the examination bed in my doctors office facing forward with both legs hanging down over the side… the doctor said, "Ok, point your toes." So [...]

Riddle Me This - Achilles Email Concern

I have an iPhone and I occasionally check email through it… I get all kinds of emails from various places…
Whenever somebody comments on my blog (or replies to a comment I made on another blog) I get email notification… That’s all cool.
There is a difference between regular emails I receive and emails I [...]

I Have Worms In My Leg!

I can’t describe the sensation any better than that. Worms in my leg… or, rather, what I imagine it would feel like if worms were crawling inside my leg.
No pain… just a very strange and creepy sensation…
I suppose it’s just blood and “stuff” moving around as part of the healing process.
Anybody relate?

I See You Tore Your Achille’s Tendon, I Tore My Achille’s Tendon Too…

Hello everybody! I’m new here so let me take a moment to introduce myself. I’m a 40 year old male from Kentucky. I am happily married to a beautiful Brazilian woman and we have two wonderful children. Our daughter is 9 years old and our son will be 7 in December. I own a small [...]