ibjc’s Achilles Recovery

         My return to 2 feet!!!

July 31, 2012

Cast gone…boot now, but……

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Today I was sooooo ready to get the cast off and now its gone. I have a little clean, non furry leg minus the umteenth layers of dead skin. My vacocast came in earlier this week and I have had it in my mind that I would go into it and maybe walking even if a tiny bit today……NO!!!! I was much healthier in my mind….really I was! Dr. said I’m NWB in the boot for 2 more weeks. Crutches were supposed to be gone today…again in my mind! Well I have 2 more weeks NWB then I can start putting a little weight on it but always keep the crutches and that’s for another 2 weeks. Then I can start putting more weight but I’m soooo lucky I get to keep the crutches for a little more time….my guess would be another 2 weeks and then just then I can go to weight bearing for maybe the last few weeks. Do you think if I go back to the Dr and choose another door to see if I win maybe less crutch time????

Going to rest my clean shaven, small and incredibly sore leg…..it seems my brain needs a rest too from my huge wake up call when Dr said I am not there yet…um dang….what was I thinking??? He burst my walking bubble…. I’m over and out!!!!

July 19, 2012

VacoCast or NO?? Football time….need help fast.

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I’m trying to figure out my next step and Dr. will put me back in the AWFUL…..deRoyal boot that throws my hips, back and shoulder off. Did I mention I don’t like the deRoyal boot what so ever…..well its true. I was in that for 10 months and hated it and don’t want to go back after the cast comes off. So my question is about the quality of the VacoCast achilles/pro. What are the pros and cons of this boot. I only get some reimbursement from my insurance company which I have been fighting the past few days so before I spend the money on this…..I need your thoughts as to what boot to look into if not the VacoCast. Everything I see and read about it is coming back positive. Here is my schedule when I’m back to walking and in a boot…..Football is here and I’m a sports photographer so I will need to be out on the field every Friday night and for some other scrimmages during the week. My goal is to be ready for the game that is being played on ESPN2 on August 26th. This is the date in my head so with that said…..what boot is the choice….pros and cons….give it to me!!!! I want to order it ASAP if possible.

July 17, 2012

Battle of Frustration

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I know I can’t be the only person this effects so my question is this…..how do you combat the frustration of having to ask for help? I’m going stir crazy sitting around looking at the same walls. Watched all the movies, read tons of books…..i go out but the heat is wicked and it kicks my rear so to speak. How do you combat the underlying feeling of anger because you are trapped to an extent? I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel for me and this whole experience has given me a HUGE appreciation for those that are injured and impaired permanently. I’m just wondering what y’all do to keep your sanity!!!!!!

July 14, 2012

New Cast & New Foot Position

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Monday I had my cast removed and Dr wanted my foot as close to neutral as it could get. Well I was only able to get it half way from post surgery position to neutral so I’m not sure what will happen next visit. This visit was enough for me right now. I was recasted and I told the girl that it was tight at my ankle and this was even before the cast was dry. She said to get it home and prop it up and it should start  to feel better. Um……NOT…..I suffered all the way home and got into bed as I was starting to get sick. I should have known before I left the office that my stomach upset was due to the pain but I tried to put it off. So, I got home and in bed. No sooner did I prop my foot up I searched for a comfortable position for about 5 minutes and said I had had it. It’s time to go back. I called the office and she said she would be waiting on me……she was. As soon as my orange cast was removed my stomach pain went away and I felt so much relief in my foot. TOO TIGHT……way too tight. Ok so next cast when right back on and I chose pink again. Want everyone to see me coming and get out of my way because I’m a real clumsy person even on 2 feet…just ask anyone that knows me. Hey, I did this injury shooting pix…..on me, I know!!!  Ok new cast is MUCH MUCH MUCH better….but all this activity has worn me out so off to prop my leg up for a few days, which I did and feeling better so far.

Well better, that is until yesterday I have been having spasms in my leg in the mornings and last night I flexed my leg somehow and felt an intense pain along the incision and then a wicked burning. I knew it was hurt last night in it took it a while to calm down then I finally feel asleep once I kept still long enough. Upon waking up this morning again I had muscle spasms and this one shot me out of bed because of whatever it was that I did to hurt it last night. It felt like the incision stuck to the cast but I don’t see any type of bleeding but don’t really know how that would be the case as the cast is not loose. Any type if upward flex of the toes sends me out of whatever chair I’m in usually following up with a deep breath and a few colorful metaphors. All I know to do at this moment is try not to flex anything and sit still…..this too shall pass I keep saying but dang it hurts!!! Next Dr. visit is in 2 1/2 weeks and from how this feels,  I don’t see me moving to the boot as I’m not even at neutral yet. Time will tell……!!!!!