ibjc’s Achilles Recovery

         My return to 2 feet!!!

June 26, 2012

New Cast in PINK

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Well, I’m now casted in hot pink at the request of my daughter and the incision looked ok to my surprise. Wish I could post pix nothing I try works so oh well. I have been really good at keeping my foot up which has helped keep the swelling down and even the Nurse and PA were surprised, so good deal!!! They didn’t move my foot to a different angle because there were no Dr. orders in my file so I image that will be next visit when I see the Dr. and I’m not looking forward to that.

When they removed my splint from surgery, I was shocked at how much muscle mass was already gone and I know it take a long time to build back. The other thing I noticed is that I could hardly move my foot. I tried to pull it up without touching it and it just didn’t want to go but what little movement I had hurt like crazy so I could be managing a fine line of actual pain vs mental pain. My strength is just not there in that leg either, I found myself shaking and starting to get sick when I tried to move it so I just laid down and waited for them to direct me to the casting room.

I remember years ago…when I had a cast it was the wrap, water and the plaster that got on everything and it was quite a process. I knew things had changed but how they do casts now is just too easy. Pick you color wrap and bring on the water…..oh yeah, and try to sit still and hold your leg this way or that way!!!! That was the hard part for me was keeping my leg in a certain position long enough for them to cast me. Again the no strength thing was in my way!!!  I had a plethera of colors to chose from and my daughter told me to pick Pink or Green so since Pink was her first choice, I’m now in pink. Guess my son can pick next time if he really want too! I go back in to see the Dr. in 10 days…..new cast and new foot position I’m sure.

Sleeping with the full cast is a little different, I’m not sure why but it took me a while to find the right position or maybe I didn’t I just fell alseep out of exhaustion. Non the less, I’m adjusting to the new pink leg…..if I can only find some bling!!!!

June 24, 2012

11 days Post-Op

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Since surgery, in a nut shell….meds made me sick. Even the meds to keep me from being sick, made me sick so after about 5 days I quit all of that stuff and toughed it out. As long as I kept my let up I did ok and Aleve helped when needed. So far I have not used Aleve in 4 days. I stay in out of the heat since it’s in the 90-102 range right now but frankly, I’m getting tired of the lack of things on TV and my walls. Tomorrow is my first post-op appt. It has been 11 days since my surgery and tomorrow I get my full cast. Dr. said he did the soluble stitches so I won’t have ay stitches to remove so that is a saving grace. I’m worried about a cast in that I still get quite a bit of swelling if my foot is down for any length of time. My toes don’t turn quite a purple as they did in the first week. Ok so now with the new cast I’m sure they will put my foot at a different angle and will continue to do so with each casting until I’m in the boot.

I did get some covers for my crutches (thick padding), the handles and the crutch bag as a bundle from crutcheze …it has been a blessing. The bag even has a pocket for my phone which is just too handy. I really have to say that no matter how much padding there is never enough on the handles, there are areas in my palms that still hurt. Whatever the case, having the crutch bag or any crutch bag is necessary. I must add that I’m so not graceful with crutches……not in the slightest and doing stairs…..it’s actually funny but it’s not really! Middle name is Ann, not Grace!!

Edited my page because I’m only 11 days out not 13. Wow….guess I even lost my ability to count.

What happened…..I think!!!

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Here I sit after having my torn achilles repaired and it’s more than I thought it would be. Run down of what happened is this….. I’m a sports photographer and not one to stand around to get the shot either. I like to get different angels and be in the action….or make it look that way but that isn’t always the case. I had a broken foot few years ago while shooting basketball…..see, only me can this happen too!!

Anyway, I rarely stand when shooting sports, I squat so I’m able to get up and move if need be. After shooting one long weekend in Spring of 2010 I woke up to a very stiff achilles and intense pain when I walked on my heal. Nothing came to mind from the weekend, it all seemed normal but no idea why I was hurting so badly. I went to my orthopedic Dr, whom I’m well acquainted with from past injuries and he said it was achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis (which ended up being ruptured) so into a boot I went. That went on for 10 months and still hurt out of the boot but 0ver time, and I say time was 2 years, my heel did heal but my achilles did NOT!!! If I got out of bed and didn’t stretch, it would feel like my achilles would break, thats how stiff it was. I even remember saying that to my husband on several occasions. As things progressed I had problems wearing shoes, my achilles would burn and become inflamed after a game. I was shooting, not playing but just the movements bothered me. I ended up in Chaos all the time and this was a problem where cleats are around or it was winter!

I returned to the Dr. when a knot formed on the back of my achilles and I walked sideways in grocery stores so no one would hit me with a cart. Bottom line is it hurt to be touched and driving was painful so I had to go. The know was there every morning and stayed big until I warmed my achilles up and as the stiffness went away the know went down in size. It returned when I sat down for a period of time and I would have to stretch a little more. At the Dr. we did an MRI and it showed my tear. It was a longitude tear and dang it…….it required surgery!!! My heart just sank….it sank because I knew what I deal with in all my past injuries, surgeries and recoveries and I knew this one was going to be a doozie! Dr. said I could go on with it like that for a while but he knew where I needed to be and when I needed to be ready for it….Football season!!!!! Our’s here in East TN starts early and I will be a cast for the start of the season only to go to a boot before the second game. My son is playing now, freshman, along with all my son’s from other mothers so I have to be ready. I expect it…… and so do they!!!!

Surgery was scheduled for June 13, 2012 and I am now 13 days post-op.