Need advice on new shoes

It has been 14 weeks since surgery and physical therapy has been long and slow but progressing as expected. Since I have been permitted to wear shoes, I have been using my New Balance 1569 mid-height light hiking shoes. My therapist says it will provide good support for the ankle and the cut-out at the Achilles lessens irritation. Has anyone had any other suggestions for good shoes to wear during the recovery? I can’t wear the same shoes every minute of every day for every occasion.

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  1. I guess much depends on the occasion and your style. There are a good number of casual shoes but probably not as many dress shoes. To select a supportive shoe make sure it bends at the ball of the foot and not in the middle and there should be very little lateral twist in the sole. An achilles cut out is also helpful as you have pointed out. Also having the heel higher than the toe will assist. I wear a number of brands for every day stuff. Keen, Salamon, Mammut and all have good support with a style that suits my wear but I always do the above test before I buy regardless of the brand.

  2. I have had no problems wearing my regular keen shoes and sandals since starting with 2 shoes. I have a pair of cheap trainers which I occasionally wear at work but they made the back of my geel really sore.

    I think comfortable is the most important thing. Shoes which are commonly worn for hiking like the brands suggested by Stuart is probably a good place to start.

  3. Thanks. I have had Keen low-cut walkers, and may try them again. Cheep trainers make my heels burn too, so I stopped wearing them. Must be the lack of cushioning or heel is not high enough.

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