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Any assistance would be appreciated. Just changed planter flexion angle of Vacocast Pro Achilles from 10 degrees to 5 degrees, as doctor wants a 5 degree change every 10 days. Vacocast says that at 5 degrees to switch from wedge sole to rocker sole. With rocker sole, walking is now very difficult with smaller steps and my knee seems to want to get hyperextended with every step, and my lower back hurts. I went back to the wedge sole, but I am concerned that this will delay recovery and/or mess with the healed Achilles tendon. Any advice? With the rocker sole I also removed one of the EvenUp layers so my knees, hips, etc., are level. The boot is still locked so my ankle is still immobilized and I have no plantar or dorsal flexion while in the boot.

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  1. I couldn’t make it work with the rocker sole at 5 degrees. I tried and 10 and 5 but at both angles the toes being pointed caused my weight to be on my toes instead of being able to smoothly rock. Both times I went back to the wedge sole. At 0 degrees it made all the difference and that’s when I went to the rocker sole full time. I read others on this site who went to the rocker sole at 10 degrees and never went back so everyone is different.

    Knee hyperextension can be an issue from what I have read so I have consciously been keeping it slightly bent. If the new sole is causing pain maybe your body is hyperextending the knee to try and unweight the foot? Then this unnatural gait is causing back pain? Just a thought.

    You can try it in small doses but if it isn’t working I would go back to the wedge sole. The important part is the boot being set at the correct angle and the different soles are to make walking easier, not harder. IMO, after switching back and forth, the different sole is not “therapeutic” but a way to allow walking when the toes are severely pointed without using wedges. Some of us need that help until the boot is at 0 degrees. If you hurt your back or knee trying to make this work it will make walking at the next step more difficult for no real gain.

    My $.02.

  2. I remember the Vaocast. I loved that boot but had the same problem and it was frustrating and never worked. I eventually just started wearing shoes crutches, to 1 crutch, to no crutch. After a few weeks, I concluded that the rocker sole was totally useless and still don’t get it to be honest. Good luck.

  3. I’d stick with the VACO cast’s official guidance from their website, which says to stick with the rocker until 0 degs.

  4. I couldn’t use the flat sole at 5 degrees. I tried a couple of times and it was too hard. No need to push it at that point in my opinion.

    It took me a 1.5 days to get used to the flat sole. You may want to get to 0 and lock it there for a couple of days before switching to flat.

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