Physical therapy problem solved

6 1/2 weeks post op and had first physical therapy. Supposed to move foot in circles. It would not move. Therapist said to move the uninjured foot in circles. When I did, the injured foot also moved! Put foot flat on floor and was told to raise heel. Would not work. Therapist said to do the same with the uninjured foot. It worked! My injured foot followed the actions of the uninjured foot. Amazing! No matter how hard I tried, nothing in the injured ankle would work until the other one showed it how! So cool!

3 Responses to “Physical therapy problem solved”

  1. Great story! It must happen frequently if they knew exactly how to get things moving.

  2. That is pretty weird. But it is good that you could get it working with help from the good leg!

  3. Therapist said this is common when ankle is immobilized for the length of time Achilles surgery takes to heal.

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