6 weeks post-op and antibiotic question

Doc said to start physical therapy. Have first one in 5 days. Those first few weeks were so depressing, but I made it through and now start the hard work. Then he also said to go from 50% partial weight bearing to full weight bearing in 10 days. And to get rid of the crutches and knee scooter. That’s a bit scary to me, but at least I’ll try. Want to get back to driving asap. I checked my medication history and saw that I took a specific antibiotic a few months prior to the ATR, and that the antibiotic has a warning about tendon ruptures. Then I checked when I ruptured my other tendon years ago and it looks like I had been prescribed the same antibiotic just before that rupture. Anybody else have this occur?

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  1. Hello,

    I too was taking an antibiotic a month before my tendon rupture. levofloxacin to be exact. I was taking it for pneumonia and the first time I went to play basketball, SNAP! My OS said that was probably the cause or at least played a big part in my injury.

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