8 weeks post op

At seven weeks I was able to say goodbye to the cast and hello to a wonderful walking boot. First few days I really missed the cast. I have since had three days of therapy and the movement is coming back fast. I can see improvement everyday as well as swelling getting better. I have started PWB! Hopeful that in coming weeks I will be cleared to drive. My wife and kids probably will be just as happy. I’m not going to lie it’s been a tough and depressing 8 weeks but seeing progress is making things better. Everyone going thru this hang in there.

At your age?!

On March 13 while practicing with my AAU basketball team I heard the dreaded sound and felt the pain. At first I thought one of the boys had ran into my heel. After a second and then the throbbing I knew then what I had done. It was my right achilles and it was on fire and swelling fast. After a few minutes rest I was able to make it to my truck and drive home. My wife was waiting with crutches in the driveway for me. Of course she thought I was over reacting and maybe just a sprained ankle. I told her what it was but was so hoping I was wrong.
The next morning with not much pain but a lot of swelling we head to our local emergency walk in clinic. As soon as doctor examined me she looked at my wife and said “get ready”. They sent me to x-rays and before I had made it back to examination room she had already informed the podiatric surgeon. I had not only ruptured the achilles but had also torn bone off my heel. From there I went to have an MRI and meet the surgeon. When then the surgeon walked in first thing he said was “at your age”.Surgery was set for Thursday morning.
The next few days were horrible but just the begining. I’m 44 years old , run 4 restaurants, a catering business, father of 5, husband, coach of 2 basketball teams, and work out 5 days a week. I was going to be the one that beat father time lol. I’m the one that goes for 16 to 18 hours a day and does not like depending on anyone for anything. Man had this been a learning experience.
After awaking from surgery I heard the news that not only did they have to put anchors in the heel, fix two tears, but also had to lengthen the tendon. Surgery was over 3 hours and I was in pain or so i thought. Luckily the nerve block lasted 36 hours. Which had me worried but my surgeon said to be thankful for every minute I had over 12 hours. When that wore off the pain was intense. Especially trying to get up the first few days. By 4 days after I was able to get up for a few minutes at a time without to much trouble. My wife and children have been incredible. One week after surgery I hadon’t my first post op visit. New cast and set appointment for 2 more weeks. Everything going to paln.
9 days post op my team had a tournament and of course I had to go. In a wheel chair of course . Even though we won our first major tournament it was a big mistake for me to go. It took me almost 3 days to get swelling a out of my toes and feeling back in them.
3 weeks post op. Stitches out, new cast, and repositioning of the foot. Everything looks good and feels good so I decide I’m going to work. Of course in a restaurant crutches and knee scooter are not a good idea. I made it though for 8 hours and to 2 catering event. Even though I couldn’t do my usual work it sure felt good being out of the house and feeling useful again. Or so I thought. Repeat of the first time I went out. Toes were so purple they almost looked black, throbbing and swelling inside the cast. Good news is only lasted a few hours this time.
It’s starting to sink in that “at my age” and this injury it’s going to take longer than I had hoped. Sure the doctor told me and I’ve read but patience it’s not my best attribute. I am learning though and trying to be easier to get along with for my wonderful wife.
I have been able to exercise at home and wife has even been so kind to take me to the gym a few times. I have a personal trainer that is able to help me in the gym. Trying to keep life as close to normal as I can.
Being from a small town I know my surgeon and most of his staff. They have been very good to me and have not sugar coated anything about the healing and recovery process. I have 6 weeks left in cast ( new cast and repositioning every 2 weeks) , then we move onto a walking boot and physical therapy. We are going with a conservative approach (his suggestion) because of my active lifestyle and risk of re-injury. The plan as of now is to be in walking boot for 4 weeks before I start weight bearing.
The biggest thing I’m looking forward to is a stand up shower and being able to drive again. So far I’ve learned so much. My wife and kids are even better than I believed. My staff can handle the work without me. And the biggest thing I’ve learned “at your age” is only motivation to come back better and stronger.

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