Going Against Doctor’s Orders

It has been 7 weeks since my surgery. I’ve been in the boot for the last 3 weeks. My flexibility and tendon strength has improved. At my last visit with the doctor, he told me to wear the boot for a month.

After being in it for 3 weeks, I think it’s useless. As long as I’m careful not to re-rupture it (no football :-) I am fine. I have a slight limp. It feels weird to flex the calf muscle. I can feel the tendon move up and down.

It’s so nice to be back in shoes and I don’t need to do any more left foot driving. :-)

My next appointment is this Friday. I suppose the next step will be physical therapy.

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  1. kkirk Says:

    Sounds like you are progressing great, but I would be extra careful for the next few weeks. I also kept my boot close by, just in case. You are hitting the part of recovery were re-rupture has the biggest risk. I ended up wearing my boot for a total of 10 weeks, and I still put it on at times until week 11 or 12. Good luck.

  2. normofthenorth Says:

    My fave protocol (UWO, at bit.ly/UWOProtocol) “weans off boot” after 8 weeks, so you’re close. But as kkirk says, this is definitely a time to Watch Your Step, since your AT is still vulnerable to missteps. And a boot is a good shield against scary places like crowded scenes or scary activities (bicycling, etc.). I often used it outside well after I quit wearing it in the house.

  3. Hillie Says:

    Is it boots in general that are “useless” or the one that you had? Could be useful to others if you let us know why you thought this way.

  4. hurricane Says:

    Sorry for being vague. I typed up the post in a rush. The boot was not useless from the beginning. I just meant that it was no longer useful to me. I no longer feel like I need to keep my ankle immobile.

    The boot is a good one. It doesn’t have an adjustable angle like some that are mentioned by others on this site. But I did have a wedge to keep my foot pointed down a bit. After a couple of weeks with the wedge, I felt I didn’t need it any more. So I pulled it out. Then, after a week more, I didn’t feel like I needed the boot any more.

    I’m being careful, but I want to progress.

  5. soccergotme Says:

    Anytime you name a post “Going against Doctor’s Orders” you have to stop and pause, to echo the folks above, Be Careful! you are still at a point that can be described as dangerous.. the tendon is still healing and over confidence can kick in. The thing about ATRs is that “wanting to progress” isn’t something you can force, this injury takes time and while some folks are capable of advancing quicker than others its just not worth a re-rupture to try and cut off a couple weeks of recovery.
    With that said if you walk in 2 shoes, be careful and don’t over do it excercise wise or don’t have any sort of accident where you stumble or somebody else stumbles into you then you can probably continue on.Just don’t push anything, I followed my doctors orders and stayed on his timeline, could I have sped things up? Probably, but I figured I could accept the slower pace for rehab since I’m kind of dormant over the winter months

  6. ryanb Says:

    Like others have said- I’ll urge you to be cautious for the next month or so. That said, I don’t think 2 shoes at this point is crazy fast… in fact, I made the switch even slightly earlier (5.5 weeks).

    That’ picture makes me wonder though… that’s one heck of a scar. I apologize for not being up-tp-date with your injury/stats; but did you have something really unusual that required such a long incision? Wondering if there’s something lurking in there that might warrant a slower recovery. That said though, I think if you feel you can handle it - and you remain diligently careful - that, in the long run, getting into two shoes will put the brakes on atrophy, and be beneficial in the long run.

    Good luck!

  7. ryanb Says:

    OK- catching up :-). If your doc is right, and the fold-the-muscle-flap-down method increases blood supply, makes the tendon stronger, etc.; then it seems it should promote quick healing and support a fairly fast protocol. So… I think you should be OK- As for your biggest scar question, check out a blog by Ahnadlass. You guys are close, but I think he still might have you beat by a bit-

  8. ryanb Says:

    Apparently, case matters: achillesblog.com/ahnadlass

  9. kkirk Says:

    BTW I’m pretty sure I had a similar surgical procedure with my repair and the do
    Was pretty conservative until 8-10 weeks after surgery. Trust your body and instincts and be careful.

  10. hurricane Says:

    Thanks all for the great informative comments.

    Ahnadlass has some awesome pictures. I wish I had requested some from my surgeon. Maybe next time…NOT.

  11. lynneachilles Says:

    Hi there, well done to you. I only got out of boot at about 10 weeks and still miss it. Lol, got so attached to it.

  12. normofthenorth Says:

    I became fond of my HINGED boot late in my in-boot time. At my peak, I was walking in it faster than all my pals! Standard simple “fixed” boots aren’t quite that swift. . .

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