8 week progress

March 8, 2013 | |

It’s been about 8 weeks since my surgery.  Physical Therapy has been slow on me.  They haven’t started strength exercises yet but still doing ROM and stretching exercises.

On my own, I have been swimming, walking in the pool, doing heal lifts in the pool, using bands to get calf strength back, and riding a stationary bike (resistance level 11 out of 20) and real mountain bike for 20 minutes a day.  I have also been walking the hallway in my house barefooted and almost can walk without a limp.  I tell my physical therapist I’ve been doing all of this on my own, but they still won’t do strength exercises during my sessions.  They tell me that I’m healing faster than normal but they say I have to be in 2 shoes first before I begin strength exercises.  I think I will find a new PT or not go to PT anymore and just follow the aggressive protocol that has been posted here.  I would like to thank everyone here for the great advice and updates that are posted!

Today was awesome…..I flexed my calf for the first time today and I saw my calf muscle in my right leg for the first time after surgery.

Tomorrow, I have the day off, so I’ll spend an hour in the gym working my calf strength and go to the pool.

I see my surgeon in 4 days..hopefully he’ll tell me I’m progressing quickly.


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  1. normofthenorth on March 8, 2013 2:34 am

    Sounds great! You’re definitely progressing quickly. But keep fighting over-confidence, and Watch Your Step, because you’re still vulnerable to you-know-what. . .

  2. kkirk on March 8, 2013 9:51 am

    I second Norms advice “Watch Your Step” but other than that, it sounds like your are doing great. Keep it up!

  3. ryanb on March 8, 2013 10:09 am

    Great progress for sure. My recommendation would be to fight the temptation to jump into strength building until 12 weeks. Even then, I’d take it a bit easy until 16 weeks. If you keep riding your bikes, and doing the other exercises, you are not going to suffer any more atrophy; maintain what you’ve got, and do everything you can to prepare for a good strength building program. But I don’t think it’s safe to start loading your tendon with calf strength exercises yet. The next 4 weeks (wks 8-12) are when *most* re-ruptures seem to happen.

    It might sound like I’m trying to scare you… and I am. It would be really unfortunate to undo all the great progress you’ve made so far.

  4. brokenbride on March 8, 2013 11:02 pm

    The three gentlemen who commented above are the most knowledgeable on this site - I’d take their advice.

    It doesn’t sound like your recovery is slow at all. My PT didn’t really get into the strength training until 12 weeks. His explanation was, “while your tendon has healed, it’s still ‘new’ collagen and you need time for ’stronger, mature’ collagen to develop”.

    Like Ryan mentioned, 8-12 weeks is statistically the highest re-rupture period - most likely because we all feel like we can do more.

  5. brokenbride on March 8, 2013 11:11 pm

    One more suggestion - check out Brady Browne’s ATR recovery videos on Youtube. He’s a football player for the Blue Bombers - ya, ya CFL. I always felt like my progress was good if I kept up to him.

    I figure he has some pretty good doctors and PTs. He’s obviously in great physical shape and not about to sit back and take it easy. His livelihood depends on this recovery. Check it out. He just posted his ninth video last week.

  6. hungtheviet on March 12, 2013 12:43 am

    thanks for all of your comments!

    I saw my doctor today and he said that I shouldn’t do any calf raises and just stick with biking and therabands.

    At 12 weeks is when I should be doing calf building and strength training.

    My surgeon agreed that my PT have been too conservative and suggested I find another PT. He was happy I started biking and swimming starting at week 6 on my own.

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