Physio program in place

So the second physio session is now behind me. The treatment for now involved some stretching, twisting (… wobble board) and ultrasound. I am told that the ultrasound will accelerate healing and reduce amount of scar tissue. This was a hard session and I walked away with much pain… but noticeably looser ankle, so I was happy.

I picked up a stationary bike yesterday, as recommended by the therapist. Two 5 minute trips daily is what she had recommended for now, and that’s pretty much what I can take for now. I was told today that the ankle bone pain is normal, so that in itself was a relief. She could be blowing smoke… time will tell.

For now, I have routine and that at least brings some normalcy into my life. More on this later in the week.

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  1. I’ve just come out of the cast too and the bones in my foot feel quite squashed too. Can’t really put any weight through the bad leg yet although I’ve been told I can PWB now. Hoping the exercises from first physio will improve the ROM quickly.
    Still some swelling on top but not too bad around, can get the trainer on more easily this morning - don’t know what it’ll be like tonight though.
    I think the heel and ankle pain is quite ocmmon to start with. How’s the swelling?

  2. Hey Sam. I was glad to read your comment as it confirms a few things for me. My ROM improves almost daily. I had to put a spacer (folded sock) at the bottom (under the heel) of the Aircast during the first two days, but that’s now gone and I can almost stand with feet together, although there is some tension. Swelling is there still, but coming down slowly. No redness anymore. Cheers.

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  3. Hi humanbeing
    How do the bones in your foot feel, now that your foot is loosening up with the PT? I still have pains in my toes and heel. If I stand or walk for to long, my foot puffs up like a balloon. Sorry not walk, hobble is a better word. You sound like you are doing good, what are you 11 or 12 weeks?

  4. Hey Lee. I am at 9 weeks, or 1 full week after the cast came off. Bones hurt like crazy, but it varies throughout the day. Mornings are rough, then pretty good until evening, and then it’s bothersome again. I stick my foot in a pail of very cold water while I eat breakfast. That numbs the pain a bit and I then start to function a bit. I am pushing myself t o exercise (then ice) a lot. One day we’ll break the pain barrier and start walking normally again… I believe.

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  5. humanbeing
    It might help if you give the exercise a break, take a day of to give everything time to recover and repair. That’s the advice I have been given by registrars and consultants. If you push hard all the time, how will your body ever heal? Rest, elevate, Ice for 20 mins three times a day. More than 20 mins can do more harm than good. You may find when you wake up the next day, the pain may have subsided, it worked for me. wouldn’t that be cool.

  6. Hey Lee. I will give my foot a rest on the weekend a bit. I figure that it was in a cast (at rest) for 8 weeks and it may be time to get moving. How much rest can it want? I have kick started it into action and now I will reward it with a restful weekend. I am so merciful.

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  7. humanbeing
    You are a hard task master, you poor foot only getting the weekend off, sounds like us in our working lives. Hows your ROM? is it improving with the exercise. The pain in my heel has gone, and I am putting more weight on it each day. I find myself doing things, and thinking, I couldn’t do that a week ago. I to dread the evenings, have you tried you pail of iced water in the evenings, might help with the swelling and discomfort. I am going to try it tonight, as the ice packs are not doing that much.

  8. Hi Lee & humanbeing,
    Did you see the suggestion from my physio about alternating buckets of ice cold and warm water to get the circulation going and relieve swelling? I haven’t tried it yet, not swelling too much at the moment, but I will if swelling increases.

  9. Lee and Sam. ROM is getting better with exercise. I wish my heel didn’t hurt so much, then I would definitely be able to walk reasonably well. I too find that the ice packs are not that effective. Cold water bucket works like a charm… but you can’t do that AND have your foot elevated at the same time, hehehe. The hot-cold treatment sounds interesting. Might try that. I do cool my foot off before going to bed, but mornings are still brutal.

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  10. Sam & humanbeing
    I might try the hot and cold water tonight. Sounds quite refreshing for my foot. Where to do it without making a mess though, the patio should do, sounds like a plan. Thanks Sam :-)

  11. My physio suggested the same thing, then looked at my feet…”No, that won’t work will it?”. I would need one of those rectangular window-washers buckets….
    Dylan (Bigfoot)

  12. Hi Humanbeing…. I wonder if you were too hard on yourself, and should slow down maybe do partial weight bearing for a while after the cast…
    I had 2 different experiences: with the first rupture (no surgery) I came out of the cast at 7 weeks and was able to go FWB in the boot without crutches a day or 2 later. I had some swelling, but not too much pain. The pain was not in the tendon but mostly in the heel. Of course it feels funny to walk after such a long time.
    The second time around after 8 weeks in the cast I needed 12 days to get used to full weight bearing and ditch the crutches due to weakness in the ankle etc. But I have no swelling.
    Excessive swelling might slow down the healing as far as i know.
    My doctor said i should not have much pain while doing physio, to have some pain afterwards is possible from being tired.

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