8 weeks in cast finally over

Fellow sufferers,

Tore my right Achilles tendon in late June 2009 while dashing after the soccer ball. The whole incident was self inflicted really, as I had sprained my right ankle weeks earlier. I had decided then to walk things off and rest for a week before playing again. Should have called it quits for the season while my foot (tendon) was still in one piece. Stupid me. Lesson learned.

I was very disappointed when the fiberglass cast came off and I couldn’t walk at all. The range of motion (up/down) was something like 5 degrees. All bones inside my foot hurt beyond belief when I put some weight on, and the ankle was swollen too. I was crushed. I should add that I did not have a surgery.

So, now after 8 weeks in a cast I am looking forward to recovery. I have a walking boot (Aircast) and started my physio last week. I am doing stretching exercises and take walks twice daily, with my boot on… and crutches of course. My foot is still swollen and still hurts, but the tendon is not the biggest issue anymore, but rather the pain in the ankle bones… all of them. hope it’s normal and not signs of Arthritis.

Physio session #2 tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi fellow sufferer…. are you in Oakville, Ontario?
    I am and had my injury about the same time!
    I am surprised you have so much pain…
    Being in cast weakens your muscles around the ankle, that may cause pain, too. What does your physio think?
    Where do you go to physio? Did you have surgery?

  2. Hi there. Yes Oakville Ontario was the place. The pain is more like a annoying discomfort when the foot is at rest, but when I put some weight on (stand or “walk”), the pain is quite extreme… like needles inside and under my entire foot. Physio says it’s normal. I expected different. I did not have a surgery even though I had suggested it to the surgeon. I will assume he knows best for now. My physio will remain nameless to protect the guilty. Cheers.

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