Weekend wrap-up - 2w & 4d

All in all a good weekend. Didn’t do much on Saturday, but watched movies with my daughter at night.

Sunday was a full day of errands, from dog/puppy training, to tuxedo rental, to shopping at Target, to eating lunch, to buying some pants (to fit over my cast), to picking up my older daughter from work, and lastly to grocery shopping.

I did squeeze in an hour nap too.

The knee scooter is awesome! My daughter was a great help getting it out of the back of the truck and putting it away at each stop.

I know I’m no where near ok, and depending on my mood 10 more days in the cast is either an eternity or just a little over a week, but this weekend was good.

I have thought about some of the things that I was planning on doing this summer that are probably not going to happen… Kinda bummed about these…

Sky-diving (for my best friend’s 50th birthday)

White water rafting in Royal Gorge (was supposed to be my daughter’s 1st time)

ATVing, camping, and hiking (although we might take a weekend trip without the ATVs)

Softball (again with my daughter… Instead she’ll be playing with her mom)

Good luck to everyone out there.

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  1. Hugh, I don’t even know if there’s much connection between “clinical” depression and “normal” sadness, frustration, etc. But it may help you to know, and remember, that all of us faced mental-game and mood challenges during ATR rehab. Not only is it a major long-lasting pain in 12 different ways, it also disproportionately hits people who rely a lot on sports to stay sane and happy, then can’t do any of that for months.
    For all of us, there’s always a choice of where to focus. ATRs really do suck, but they usually heal 100% or very close, unlike many of the things that put other people onto crutches and scooters and wheelchairs for the rest of their lives. It sounds like you’re getting good care and help and support from a great family. That’s a glass with more in it than lots of people have, and many of the others would trade a leg for it.
    I do know that depression is not just a big case of the blues, and I have no idea how much of yours is even susceptible to changes in focus or “reframing”. But if any of it is, be reassured that (1) you’re surrounded here with people at various stages in a tough physical and mental recovery, and (2) even in an ATR cast, there’s no shortage of opportunities for gratitude around.

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