1 week, 2 days Post Op

Been a few days since I’ve checked. Still doing ok, just tired of this no weight bearing crap. I know it is necessary, and I’m not going to just try to stand on my bad foot, but this sucks.

My 1st follow up is set for Thursday, 5/1. Getting my 1st cast off, but getting a new one on. I just hope I get a few minutes to rub (okay, gently) my left lower leg. I also hope I get approval for a knee scooter.

Been working from home all week, and other than the 2 days where I facilitated training webinar a, the week went well. The 2 days with the webinars were tough, very tough. But I know it was tough because of what I “did” or more importantly, what I had not done. I hadn’t elevated my foot.

To run the webinar, I’m not saying that I have to sit up, but it makes it a lot easier. The problem with sitting up is that means my foot is not elevated. Four hours (not counting any prep time or wrap up time) is too long not elevating. I know that, but I still did it twice.

when I over do it, my ankle does hurt, with the majority of the pain/aches being either on the bottom of my heel or in my calf.

The calf feels like a muscle pull, and I can massage it at least halfway decently by sticking my fingers inside my cast. The pain on the bottom of my heel seems strange. Is that normal, or has anyone else experienced that?

I wish that ice would help, but due to the cast, it seems to have minimal impact.

Sleeping has been okay, but I’m glad it’s the weekend so I can sleep in… Actually go to bed early AND sleep in.

Well that is it for now, unless I feel like adding more later.

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  1. Glad to hear you are hanging in there. You and I have the same surgery date, and this was my first week back to work as well. I don’t know about you, but glad it is Friday!

  2. I am 2 weeks post op, 1 week in a CAM boot PWB. I have the same calf muscle pains as you do. I attribute that to just muscle soreness after 2 weeks of inactivity. I have no pain at rest, but every time I get up and start PWB, I feel the calf pain, but it subsides pretty quickly. I do want to massage my leg and feel it would be the right thing to do, but the boot prevents me from doing that!
    I am still not happy sleeping in the boot ( like a ship with an anchor!) but there is no way around it. Btw, my OS didn’t want me to have a scooter when I mentioned it. In his mind, I will be walking, running, and jumping around in no time — very enthusiastic guy. Also, somebody on this website mentioned that scooter users have harder time transitioning from NWB to PWB…

  3. Knee scooters are nice when you’re NWB–which I was for 4 weeks. It’s a nice change of pace from crutches–I used both. I know some aren’t NWB for nearly that long and then it’s probably not as important. However, I was glad to have one. For what it’s worth, I just bought mine on Amazon–$200 well-spent. -David

  4. Someone lent me a knee scooter post op and it was fantastic to use at home. When given a choice of getting up to do something, or help one of my kids or wife, with the scooter it was no problem - up and you’re off - no effort. Otherwise, it’s ughh I have to get up, grab my sticks and use a lot of effort to go anywhere. After a while, crutches wreak havoc on your upper body, plus add undue stress on the bad leg by needing to keep it out of the way. It didn’t stop me from practicing to walk with the crutches in my transition from NWB to PWB to FWB. I too had virtually no pain but my calf was bugging me. I used a foam roller and very gently rolled the upper part of my calf through the boot, which worked very well. You don’t want to do anything below that though at this time. Once I did fortunately gain my independence from the sticks and the scooter at the 2 week mark, walking in the boot does continue to engage that calf and seemed to help the other issues with the upper half of the bad leg. Now I’m back on the sticks as they are helping me transition to two shoes!

  5. Sporti, I was #$%^&ed if I was going to return to crutches when I went from my (hinged) boot to 2 shoes, so I just went slowly and carefully and kept “that” side of my stride short enough to be comfortable.
    And Tatyana, that was me that presented the completely UNPROVEN thought that scooter users MAY have a harder time transitioning from NWB to PWB (to FWB). It may turn out to be true, but I’d hate to see this speculation morph into a proven fact without any proof.

  6. Norm, using the sticks to take maybe 40% of the weight off of the bad leg while actively out walking doesn’t stress out my shoulders and neck at all as it’s quite easy. This allows me to keep a normal gait as I’m training the leg to walk again. When maneuvering around the bathroom or kitchen per se, It’s slow short steps. My PT’s were adamant that at only 6wks they wanted me to use the sticks when walking for the weekend, no matter how well I had been progressing thus far. Funny about your new use of unproven throries! Most I like, but no use of scooter - boo! :-)

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