Boot to shoes


Quick question but backstory first:  I ruptured my Achilles March 29.  Had surgery April 6.  Had a 3 inch gap so they used cadaver tendon and did a graftjacket also.  I have been so petrified of re-tearing it!  At 6 weeks, started PWB and by 8 weeks was FWB with boot. Started PT at that point.  It doesn’t seem like much.  They didn’t share my results as far as flexibility, and haven’t seen the PT since consultation; instead I work with a young girl who works there (is this normal?).  They do electro which my friend said was for pain, and I am in no pain.  Are there other benefits of this? I don’t feel tons of trust and am worried they will tell me to do something like calf raises and I will hear the pop!  So I am asking here instead!

This is my question:  I started walking a tiny bit without the boot.  Like a few steps at PT Monday, a few more Wednesday, and a few more today at PT.  Also walk a bit thru my bathroom every day.  So what are the chances I will retear it, almost 11 weeks after surgery and barring any major thing like car accident, jumping off buildings, etc.  If I am able to walk 15 steps without my boot, is it just mental on my part that is keeping me in fear?  I am asking because we are going on a trip tomorrow and I would love to wear my new sneakers and just bring the boot but not plan to wear it full time.  So can I go from 0-100% just because I decided to?  I haven’t seen my surgeon since week 6, when she mentioned I would be out of it in a couple of weeks and the girl at my PT did say I could start walking without the boot.  So I want to confirm here!  10.5 weeks- am I ok to go totally to 2 shoes? This site has kept me sane!  What a horrible club to be in but glad I am not alone!!!!