Six months after surgery

This week marks six months since my surgery, and I’m very grateful for the progress.
I plan to play golf for the first time next week (it’s too wet here to play this week), although it will be some time before I can walk the course. I’ve been to the driving range a few times, and [...]

Started PT yesterday

I’m just shy of six weeks post-surgery, and I started PT yesterday.
After an evaluation (strength and mobility testing), the therapist gave the
area a pretty vigorous massage to reduce the swelling. I was then led to
an “anti-gravity treadmill.” They had me put on inflatable pants, and the machine automatically weighs me and adjusts the inflation to [...]

5 weeks post-surgery

Tomorrow is 5 weeks since surgery, and I’m very happy to have chosen the surgical route.
I was in a splint and on crutches for two weeks, and then went to a boot. I saw the orthopedist today, and he is very happy with the progress. He wants me to start PT now, and in three [...]

Two weeks in the boot

It’s been just over two weeks since the splint came off, I put away the crutches, and started with the boot. I’m allowed to put weight on the injured foot, as long as I don’t overdo things, and never put weight on that foot unless the boot is on. I was told not to take [...]

Got the surgery

My surgery was scheduled for November 19, ten days after the injury. I live alone, so I made sure I had a house-full of things like paper plates and utensils, and easy-to-prepare foods like tuna fish. Luckily for me, my sister lives very close by, and could do shopping for me, in addition to her [...]

First Blog

I’m starting this blog a little late, because I just discovered the blog site while searching around the internet. Here are the particulars.
I’m a 62 year old man, and I try to stay pretty active. I’ve had heel spurs for years, and they had been bothering me recently. The story starts on Sunday, Nov. 8, [...]

Hello world!

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