Six months after surgery

This week marks six months since my surgery, and I’m very grateful for the progress.

I plan to play golf for the first time next week (it’s too wet here to play this week), although it will be some time before I can walk the course. I’ve been to the driving range a few times, and it feels great. I remember the day I was injured - I tried taking a make-believe golf swing and fell over - that convinced me I would need surgery.

I can’t run yet. My PT told me I can start running when I can do 20 calf raises using only the injured leg. I can do many on both legs, but can’t yet do a single one on the injured side. I’ve been going to the gym, using their seated calf raise machine to build up the injured leg. I think that’s the last piece of the puzzle, but it may take several more months of work. I can walk with hardly a trace of a limp, and my walking endurance is increasing steadily.

I can’t wait to be back to 100%, but I’m very happy with the progress to date.

Also, I want to say thanks to the folks who run this blog. It has been very helpful and informative, especially in those dark days right after the injury.

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  1. Congrats on your progress howard. Keep doing both, adding more weight, and soon you will be doing one! I can’t wait to be 100% either, but it’s a long road. The important thing is to be making a little progress every day, and we will get there soon!

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