Started PT yesterday

I’m just shy of six weeks post-surgery, and I started PT yesterday.
After an evaluation (strength and mobility testing), the therapist gave the
area a pretty vigorous massage to reduce the swelling. I was then led to
an “anti-gravity treadmill.” They had me put on inflatable pants, and the machine automatically weighs me and adjusts the inflation to reduce my weight by half
(I haven’t weighed 102 pounds in about 50 years). I then walked on the treadmill for about ten minutes.

Then back to the table for a series of exercises - squeezing a ball between my feet, isometric presses of the injured foot in every conceivable direction. Several reps and sets of each exercise left me pretty tired. I was iced down and sent home with a list of exercises (the same ones) to do twice a day as homework.

I’m on schedule for PT twice a week for the next two months or so. The PT agrees with the orthopedist that I’ll be able to play golf in May, about six months post-surgery. Overall I’m very pleased. I’m supposed to get rid of the boot next week, if all goes well.

Hope all of you have a recovery as smooth as mine has been going so far.

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