5 weeks post-surgery

Tomorrow is 5 weeks since surgery, and I’m very happy to have chosen the surgical route.

I was in a splint and on crutches for two weeks, and then went to a boot. I saw the orthopedist today, and he is very happy with the progress. He wants me to start PT now, and in three weeks, when I see him again, the boot is scheduled to come off. I’m pain-free, and, needless to say, very grateful for what has so far been a smooth recovery.

The doctor told me I can start using an exercise bike as long as I stay seated, and can do any weight exercise that can be performed seated on a bench. I want to work off the pounds I gained during the last five weeks of inactivity. I can also now take a shower standing up (I’ve been crawling into the tub and showering from a kneeling position), as long as I use common sense and caution.

I hope the recovery process continues to go as well as it has, and wish everyone else a speedy recovery in addition to a happy holiday.

I’ll report back after I start PT.


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  1. Nice to hear Howard. Ill be 3 weeks post op tomorrow and everything seems to be really smooth for me as well. Good Luck and Happy Holidays.

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