Two weeks in the boot

It’s been just over two weeks since the splint came off, I put away the crutches, and started with the boot. I’m allowed to put weight on the injured foot, as long as I don’t overdo things, and never put weight on that foot unless the boot is on. I was told not to take long walks in the neighborhood or at the mall, but otherwise I’m pretty much unrestricted.

The biggest problem I had with the boot was the added length it gave to my left leg. The wedge they put in made the left leg considerably longer than the right, and I looked like Walter Brennan from the Real McCoys (sorry, young people - you can look it up) when I walked. As a result of the imbalance, my knees, hips and shoulders all started to hurt.

I went online to Shoebuy and bought a pair of Skechers sneakers that seemed to have a high heel and sole (remember the ugly 70s, when you could see men’s shoes with one-inch heels? Yuck). I also bought a heel insert that adds an additional half-inch of height. That pretty much evened things out, and walking got a lot easier.

I don’t wear the boot to bed, but have to put it on every time I get out of bed. I thought that would be a big nuisance, but I got used to it right away. To shower, I manage to maneuver myself from the boot to my knees in the bathtub, and shower in a kneeling position (sorry for the visual). Other than that, life has been very normal.

Since I haven’t tried to do anything without the boot, I don’t really know how the healing process is progressing. I hope to get some information on that next week when I see the orthopedist again. I suspect he’ll send me to PT at that time. I’ll report next week.

I had made plans for a ski trip to Jackson Hole in February. Obviously, that ain’t happening. Right now I’m trying to convince American Airlines to return my frequent flyer miles to my account without a $150 penalty. I’m sending them a note from my orthopedist. Maybe the low fuel prices will put them in a good mood. I’ll report back.

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  1. Hi Howard, it sounds like your recovery is going well so far! There’s a cheap shoe attachment called an EvenUp. Many people get it and find it excellent for bringing your good foot up to the same height as the booted foot and you can attach it to any shoe. Sorry about your ski plans and I hope they refund you!

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