PB at Ironman #15

11 09 2009

I did another Ironman distance race last weekend (Sept. 5) and had my best day ever.  12 hrs and 6 min. Minus some goggles issues and other miscellaneous stuff, I was easily under 12 hrs. Next time.

The achilles felt great, I thought I felt it halfway through the run but I was hurting everywhere so I ignored it and the pain shifted elsewhere.

I did have a scare 6 days before the race, as I was very sore in my soleus and other areas surrounding the achilles — all from racing maybe just a bit too hard that day. I had some ART, massage and lots of rest (in my taper anyway) and felt just fine for the race.

I full race report can be read here if you are into that sort of thing.


So keep persevering out there everyone. It can be done, it will be done, and you will be back at it just like before the ATR or even better.

This is likely my last post.

So thanks for reading, I hope these posts were of some use to others going through the same thing (ok, I know that already from all the emails I’ve received–thanks for those). Feel free to keep sending questions if you have them.

This whole Achilles Blog site is phenomenal and godsend.

Thanks to all.


Ironman #14 Complete

5 08 2009

The journey was long and while I did not have the stellar performance I wanted, I am still very happy with being able to pull of my 14th Ironman finish.

I had my best swim ever (in large part due to the ATR forcing me back in the pool), a sub par bike, and but I still had the chance for a PB once I got on the run and I went for it. The achilles got achy after 15 miles so I just coasted it in so I could live to fight another day.

So keep that faith out there, just like me you will get to your own personal finish line. Whatever, you determine that to be for yourselves.

Happy healing and recovery.


You can read the full details of my race report here.


Ironman Lake Placid in 16 days

10 07 2009

All is still going well, but not perfect by any means.

I had a bit of a scare last week. My left calf and Achilles got sore after my race at Welland once I got home. This soreness lasted 3 days. Needless to say I did no running those days. I was a bit apprehensive during my first run back but I was soon clicking the kms away effortlessly at a fairly quick pace.

Cranked out a 165 km bike ride last weekend and ran 24.5km a few days ago. These are the last big sessions before Ironman Lake Placid in a few weeks. I am so amped to get back at it. No real expectations other than being strong throughout, enjoying myself and be able to be out there (unlike last year of course). Whatever the result, I will be happy.

As always, happy healing to all.

If you are interested in this sort of thing, here is a report from my last race.


My return to racing

9 06 2009

Last year, I was in a cast and race announcing at this event. One year later, I raced three separate events and loved every second of it.

If you are interested in reading my race report visit this site.


Happy healing to all.


One Year Later

30 05 2009

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my ATR. This coming Monday is the anniversary of my surgery.

It definitely feels awesome to be back in action and close to 100%. Quite possibly, I might be in better shape right now than I was one year ago before the rupture. I weigh about 1 lb less (171lbs) and it is going down each week thanks to all the training (12-17 hrs a week).

I am shying away from intense speedwork (running) and have only gone as fast as 4:30/km pace at any one time. I am running faster each week but I am taking baby steps. No need to do something stupid at this point. I did run a Half Marathon on May 10th but it was as a 2:30 pace bunny — an easy pace for me so not much of a test.

After not visiting physio for close to 2 months, I went back last Friday and my physio said everything looked great.

My first set of duathlon & triathlon races go next weekend. A duathlon on Saturday, and another one on Sunday along with a triathlon right after. Ambitious? Maybe, but this was my regular routine prior to this ATR and after one year off of racing, I am taking full advantage.

My tennis team wants me back and playing regularly but I asked them to only use me as a sub. I have been attending practice once a week and that has worked nicely. My priority is triathlon/duathlon but I can’t give up tennis just yet. If I return to competition I want to be able to go full out and not hold back. Right now I would be holding back and that is not a good thing to do.

This is likely my 3rd last post (I hope to post next week with some real race results, and maybe again after my return to Ironman racing in July), so I’d like to wish everyone all the best your recoveries.

As you can see, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get better and don’t rush it. It is a long process to get back to where you started. Even now my left calf (14.5 inches) is a little more than 1/2 an inch smaller than my right (15.15 inches).

Best of luck to all.





Week 46 - Back to the courts

19 04 2009

Yesterday and again today, I made my return to the tennis courts. The first time since the rupture on May 29th of last year. Yesterday I played for 1 hr and 48 minutes, and just 35 minutes today.

The Achilles felt fine, but every other body part is aching. I think I need a new shoulder. I did make use of the Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon brace yesterday (www.injurybegone.com) as a precaution. The pressure of the brace produced more discomfort than any movement I did. Seeing that I had zero pain today, it must have worked. Today I went without. I’ll find out tomorrow if I am sore.

 All other training is fine. Just a few moments where the Achilles felt weird (pain, numb, etc.) but maybe it was just all in my mind. I have not been to physio in 2 weeks. Not exactly by choice, just a scheduling issue. I hope to pop back in for a visit this week.

Recover well everyone! See again on my ATR anniversary (or earlier).

Here are some training #’s if you are interested.

April 13-19: Running 4:50 (46.5km) - Total hrs: 14:18 + swimming later

April 6 -12: Running 4:24 (43.6km) - 13:22

March 30 - April 5: Running 4:13 (41.1km) - 12:28

March 23-29: Running 3:56 (39.5km) - 11:33

March 16-22: Running 4:12 (42.9km) - 14:27

March 9-15: Running 4:56 (43.8km) - 12:57

March 2-8: Running 4:13 (41.2km) - 11:10

Week 40 Post Op - My First Run Outside

6 03 2009

I haven’t forgotten to post, I just wanted to wait until I had something to write about.

At this point in the recovery process the gains are very slim. I still go to physio once per week (the same protocol of hydrotherapy, deep massage of the area, ultrasound and laser). I measured my calves and the left one measures 1.5 cm smaller than my right. So still not all there. However, I wonder if they were even to begin with.

In Toronto today, the weather hit 15 degree Celsius, for us that is like a summer day considering we were in the minuses leading up to this day. So, taking advantage of the weather, I headed out on my first run outside since the ATR. It was only for 20 minutes but it felt awesome to be back out there. A refreshing change from the treadmill.

The weather is supposed to be warmish for at least a week so I hope to be out there more. Why didn’t I run outside before today? Purely for wussy reasons, I didn’t want to risk slipping on the snow or hidden ice.

The whole swimming, biking and running is going well, and I cant wait for the triathlon season to begin.

That is all for me.
Happy healing to all!

PS: Check out the documentary War Dance. You wont regret it.

Weeks 34, 35, and 36 - I’m good but another one bites the dust

4 02 2009

I am in week 36 (post op) of the recovery process and things are still good as can be.

For the past month, I’ve been going to physio once per week for the usual hydrotherapy, deep massage, ultrasound and laser. I’d like to go one more time each week but work and training is keeping me busy. I don’t think I crucially need the extra visit at this point but I see it as taking out extra insurance. There is still scar tissue and tightness to loosen up. So I am not out of the woods yet.

I’ve picked up the training volume a bit once the new year hit. Just a bunch of swimming, biking and running. Here are the numbers:

Jan. 5 - 11 — 10 hrs 7 min (42.7 km of running)

Jan. 12 - 18 — 10 hrs 19 min (16.8 km of running)

Jan. 19 - 25 — 10 hrs 35 min (28.1 km of running)

Jan. 26 - Feb. 1 — 11 hrs 31 min (33 km of running)

If there was another slight positive in all of this ATR saga, it came in the fact that I’ve gained a new love/appreciation for swimming. I am actually getting faster too. I find out just how much faster once the race season come along in 5 months time.

I’ll end by sending a shout out to a family member and awesome lady that joined the ATR Club a few weeks ago. Hers was quite the saga. 5+ weeks of walking around on a wounded leg until someone clued in that she desperately needed to have surgery. I wont say much more because it is her story to tell and maybe she will find the time to share it on this blog site.

Happy healing to you K, and to everyone else to happens to wander upon this site.

Be patient, things will get better.



Weeks 30, 31, 32 & 33 - HNYE

14 01 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

For all of you near the start of this journey, you may not feel so happy but it will get better before you know it.

At this point in the recovery, major improvements are not happening. It is all about regaining the strength and muscle tone, and reducing the scar tissue that is still in the area. I continue to get physio 2x each week (deep massage of the injury site, ultrasound, and laser).

Getting back that muscle balance is key. A device called the Computrainer (computer bike trainer) confirmed that I am naturally pedalling with 10-12% more on my right side. I am sure that the same thing is happening when I run as I am getting pain and stiffness in my right instep. So last week I did nothing but walk on the treadmill and resumed running this week. So far so good.

All the best to everyone in 2009, thanks for reading and happy healing.



Weeks 27, 28 & 29 - Merry Christmas

25 12 2008

As with everyone else this time of year, I ‘ve been way too busy the past few weeks. But I thought I’d sneak in this post a few minutes before Christmas (well it is 11:58 pm here).

Recovery is still pretty much that same as in the past weeks, steady but very small incremental improvements in strength. I am able to run as faster pace for a longer period of time (30 minutes at 5:30/km pace).

Anyway, off to do some last second Christmas stuff so Merry Christmas to all and to all a good nite!

Thanks for reading, Happy healing.