Protection? Who needs protection with a dog?!

Zeus, my 18 month old Rottie after being sent out in protection.  I need two good ankles to keep up with this puppy!

Zeus, my Schutzhund dog

My Schutzhund dog, Zeus that I hope to take to the clinic & trial in May.

Imagine 110 pounds of Rottie coming into you at full bore!  That’s ONE good reason to have two healthy ankles!


I’m back - next ankle…

I broke down and had the surgery on my right ankle…  I couldn’t walk, wasn’t able to raise up on that toe, constant pain.
March 24, Dr. C detached my AT, removed the excess bone & spurs that were shredding the tendon, used PRP and several bone anchors to put it all back together.  He debrided [...]