She Waaaaaaalks…

I just got home from my second post op visit with Dr. C. 

He looked at my scar and pronounced it “good” - except for the pressure sore on my heel from when I was in the splint.  “I can turn your stomach and “clean it up”, or we can let it heal on it’s own.”  It looks like a dark, mushy scab the size of a quarter.  Very tender!  “Please leave it for now”, I begged.

Then he told me to ditch the knee walker and get back on my feet unless I plan to be out shopping all day.  I must wear the boot for 4 more weeks when I am up since he wants to be sure the bone anchor has a good, solid, healed attachment in my heel.  No crutches or cane, unless I want one.  PT starts in 2 weeks.  See me in a month.

Well…  After being completely non weight bearing for 6 weeks, I was hardly ready to walk out of the office.  Hubbie & I decided to hit a good little Italian restaurant on the way home that is NOT handicapped accessible on wheels.  Let’s just say that 25% weight bearing with crutches was pretty shaky.  The bottom & back of my heel hurt where all the bone was removed.  Weird - the bottom of my foot is swollen & felt “squishy” as I walked on it.  Yuck!

When I got home and sat on the couch, hubbie snuck the crutches away & gave me my old stand-by, my trusty cane from my old ACL reconstruction.  Huh?  I barely walked with the crutches!  Somehow, I managed to sorta gimp to our office.  Hubbie said to think of it as a step towards independence - ditch the sticks!

I now have 5 days to practice walking before I go back to work.  Hmmm…  Wonder how long I can keep Hubbie grocery shopping?


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  1. Hey, Linda, congrats to you. I wish you the best of luck. Looking forward to walking without the sticks too.

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