Returning to riding horses?

Just wondering if anyone else rides horses and has or is anticipating returning to riding?   How much flexion did you need when you started back?  I’m thinking that pedaling a bike would have some similar motions at the bottom of the stroke as the heel comes down as it would in a saddle’s stirrup.  Is that true?

I have an Arabian, a Swiss Warmblood & a Standardbred.  I ride English/hunt, Western and side saddle.  My ortho doc does not ride, but feels that going back to riding will be “intensive” exercise with the “heels down” shock absorbing for riding in stirrups astride.  He mentioned 9 months or longer before he was confortable with me returning to “my” sport.  Surely not!

I also ride side saddle and will probably start out that way as there is no stress on the AT - in fact the leg over the pommel has the toe pointed down in the equinuus position!  All three horses are trained for side saddle.

None of our guys are laid back, easy going sorts.  The Arabian is the closest, as long as he isn’t spooked into a duck & 180* spin - that’s hard for me to stick with.


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  1. Hello,
    I don’t know anything about horses at all so this is probably ridiculous but why don’t you get like a little trailer/ chariot thing that you can sit in and let the horse do all the work!
    Richard x

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