6 month update

Well, it seemed like an eternity but I’m officially released from my surgeon’s care and PT should be ending soon. I’m back to running, but climbing and hockey might be a few more months away. I can do a few single calf (half) raises but it’s still progress. It’s ok considering where I started. So [...]

Calf raises at Week 14 post-op

Hi everyone! Recovery is progressing albeit at a very slow pace. The pain is starting to go away and range of motion is increasing. However, calf raises are only possible with my good leg doing 99% of the work. Nothing happens when I try single leg calf raises with my bad leg. Is this normal [...]

Week 9 - Two shoes!

Yesterday, I started my day in the boot but ended it with a short walk (to the kitchen and back) with sneakers on. It felt strange without the protection/stability of the boot but there was no pain. Any tips on staying “safe”? I plan on sleeping with the splint on for a while [...]

End of Week 5 - started PT, down to 2 wedges

I had my first sessions of PT this week. They were actually not as brutal as I anticipated. The most painful parts were: rolling out the calf and deep massage of the arch - ouch. I’m still on crutches but removed a wedge today (down to tẃo). With PT 3x/week and exercises 2x/day, I [...]

Week 5 - Is bruising expected with weightbearing?

I started weight-bearing in the boot 3 days ago. I feel sharp pains in the heel in the first few steps but they subside after a while. Anyway, today, in addition to the typical swelling, I noticed new bruises in my inner ankle (black/blue) and along my shin/calf (yellow). Is [...]

Week 4 Follow-up today - start FWB

My surgeon said I should start full weight-bearing in the boot today and, over the next 4 weeks, to take a wedge off per week.  Then, over a 2-week period, transition to 2 shoes (increasing hours per day) and get rid of the crutches (timeline = 10 weeks post-op).  I will be re-evaluated regarding my driving status [...]

Right ATR - Driving timeline?

Ten days after surgery, I had the sutures taken out and was placed in a boot. It was such a relief since the original cast was just so big and heavy. I’ve been wearing the boot religiously as instructed, and only taking off to do ROM exercises (3x/day) and for showers. I am still NWB [...]