6 month update

Well, it seemed like an eternity but I’m officially released from my surgeon’s care and PT should be ending soon. I’m back to running, but climbing and hockey might be a few more months away. I can do a few single calf (half) raises but it’s still progress. It’s ok considering where I started. So grateful for this site for helping me get through those first few months! Happy healing, everyone!

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  1. Way to go hopeful! I’m at 6.5 weeks. Went back to Orange Theory and couldn’t run yet, due to a healing incision from another surgery, not due to my foot. But I had no problems walking with #13 incline. I was surprised when I couldn’t do 1-footed hip bridges with a weight on my stomach. Just a reminder that I’m still getting strength back in my legs.

  2. Hopeful,

    Thanks for the update! I’m almost 4 years in and can report that, while it does change your life, you can come back and do almost anything — or more than — you did before (I’ve posted about this in a few places on here).

    That said, it takes work and always will. If I slack off on stretching or calf raises, I feel it. After a hard run or a day of skiing, I feel it. You’ll feel it when you get back into your hockey boots, but who knows, you might play your best hockey ever.

    It needs massage, flexion control, and work. It requires diligence. And that’s okay! It just becomes part of your life, and can serve as a good excuse for making other healthy choices with exercise.

    As you said, this site is invaluable for the mental and emotional recovery process. Glad to have you on here!

    Cheers and good luck


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