Week 9 - Two shoes!

Yesterday, I started my day in the boot but ended it with a short walk (to the kitchen and back) with sneakers on. It felt strange without the protection/stability of the boot but there was no pain. Any tips on staying “safe”? I plan on sleeping with the splint on for a while longer.

4 Responses to “Week 9 - Two shoes!”

  1. Congratulations, hopeful!!! That’s a big milestone!!!

    I don’t have any real advice, other than to take it easy. Pay attention to your ankle and slow down if you feel pain, or swell up.

    Keep up the good work!

    Happy healing!

  2. just be very careful when you do anything. walking is really the best kind physical therapy you can do for you self as well, so don’t be afraid to do so. Remember to eat healthy and have a positive outlook and you WILL recover and feel better than before! at 9 weeks there is no need to sleep with the splint on.

  3. good luck, and keep updating. Thanks

  4. Yay for 2 shoes! I get to try that tomorrow :) I had the haglunds surgery so my healing is a bit different from yours (I’m at 8 weeks now). Unfortunately my doc specifically put it in my weekly plan for this month to wear the night splint - ick! But considering how I like to sleep it’s probably a good idea for me. My next appt is 4/27 and I’m hoping the night splint can go into storage with the boot at that point.

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