End of Week 5 - started PT, down to 2 wedges

I had my first sessions of PT this week. They were actually not as brutal as I anticipated. The most painful parts were: rolling out the calf and deep massage of the arch - ouch. I’m still on crutches but removed a wedge today (down to tẃo). With PT 3x/week and exercises 2x/day, I feel the ankle’s ROM is improving everyday but I can’t imagine actually weaning off the crutches in 3 weeks…

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  1. I am at the exact same point as you, I’m at 6 weeks and will be starting PT next week. It has been kind of frustrating as of late because it feels as though my progress has slowed the last 2 weeks or so. The swelling is still lingering and I am still nervous to put much weight on my foot. I am feeling a world better than where I was a couple weeks ago however!

    Even slow progress is still progress right!

    Positive thoughts

  2. Yes, slow progress is still progress! Good luck with PT.

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