Week 5 - Is bruising expected with weightbearing?

I started weight-bearing in the boot 3 days ago. I feel sharp pains in the heel in the first few steps but they subside after a while. Anyway, today, in addition to the typical swelling, I noticed new bruises in my inner ankle (black/blue) and along my shin/calf (yellow). Is this normal? How much should I be “walking” each day? Thanks for any input. I see my PT for the first time tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Week 5 - Is bruising expected with weightbearing?”

  1. How’s it going? Did the bruising go down in the end?

  2. The bruise on my ankle is still there, but not the calf. My physiotherapist said that the bruising is normal and she’ll watch it over the next couple weeks. Although, she did say that I shouldn’t go out of my way to “practice” walking, so maybe I overdid it when I got the go for PWB from my doc last week…oops. Thanks for asking!

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