End of Week 5 - started PT, down to 2 wedges

I had my first sessions of PT this week. They were actually not as brutal as I anticipated. The most painful parts were: rolling out the calf and deep massage of the arch - ouch. I’m still on crutches but removed a wedge today (down to tẃo). With PT 3x/week and exercises 2x/day, I [...]

Week 5 - Is bruising expected with weightbearing?

I started weight-bearing in the boot 3 days ago. I feel sharp pains in the heel in the first few steps but they subside after a while. Anyway, today, in addition to the typical swelling, I noticed new bruises in my inner ankle (black/blue) and along my shin/calf (yellow). Is [...]

Week 4 Follow-up today - start FWB

My surgeon said I should start full weight-bearing in the boot today and, over the next 4 weeks, to take a wedge off per week.  Then, over a 2-week period, transition to 2 shoes (increasing hours per day) and get rid of the crutches (timeline = 10 weeks post-op).  I will be re-evaluated regarding my driving status [...]