End of Week 5 - started PT, down to 2 wedges

I had my first sessions of PT this week. They were actually not as brutal as I anticipated. The most painful parts were: rolling out the calf and deep massage of the arch - ouch. I’m still on crutches but removed a wedge today (down to tẃo). With PT 3x/week and exercises 2x/day, I feel the ankle’s ROM is improving everyday but I can’t imagine actually weaning off the crutches in 3 weeks…

Week 5 - Is bruising expected with weightbearing?

I started weight-bearing in the boot 3 days ago. I feel sharp pains in the heel in the first few steps but they subside after a while. Anyway, today, in addition to the typical swelling, I noticed new bruises in my inner ankle (black/blue) and along my shin/calf (yellow). Is this normal? How much should I be “walking” each day? Thanks for any input. I see my PT for the first time tomorrow.

Week 4 Follow-up today - start FWB

My surgeon said I should start full weight-bearing in the boot today and, over the next 4 weeks, to take a wedge off per week.  Then, over a 2-week period, transition to 2 shoes (increasing hours per day) and get rid of the crutches (timeline = 10 weeks post-op).  I will be re-evaluated regarding my driving status at the 10-week follow-up visit.  Of course, I remain NWB as of this evening since I don’t feel ready to go FWB at this very second.  I’ll try it tonight and gradually increase the % over the next few days.

As slow as this process seems to be, I’m glad things appear to be moving forward.  The surgeon said the wound is healing well and the bad leg "matches" the good leg perfectly - he was very proud of his work, which I greatly appreciate!  He cautioned that the physiotherapist should not be doing any stretching of the tendon when I go to PT (starting next week - Week 5).  How can I tell the difference between "stretching" and "non-stretching" exercises?

Right ATR - Driving timeline?

Ten days after surgery, I had the sutures taken out and was placed in a boot. It was such a relief since the original cast was just so big and heavy. I’ve been wearing the boot religiously as instructed, and only taking off to do ROM exercises (3x/day) and for showers. I am still NWB and will be seeing the ortho surgeon at the end of the week when, I suppose, he will write a script for PT and re-evaluate my driving status.

I was wondering about how long after the surgery people are usually able to drive? Also, any tips on how to drive as safely as possible? My injury is on the right side and I drive an automatic. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Was it worth it?

That was one of the reactions I got when I told someone what had happened.  It kinda shocked me at first, but that’s when I realized that I needed to surround myself with people who would understand to get me though this LONG and lonely recovery period - hence this blog.
On Saturday, Jan 28, I ruptured my right Achilles while playing recreational (indoor) field hockey. I played in high school and college, and have been playing rec off and on over the years to supplement my main activity, running (5Ks and half marathons).  I just turned 40 years old.  After being punted around for a diagnosis, including: waiting for PCP appt. on Monday (got crutches but no official diagnosis), seeing a Ortho PA with a NJ group (Xray done and script for MRI but still no diagnosis - PA did not even perform Thompson’s test), getting an MRI on Thursday (technician could not tell me what was in his report - which cited a complete rupture 2cm gap I later found out), and finally an appt. with the actual Ortho surgeon for the following Tuesday, Feb 7, I decided to go another route. I called a reputable Ortho hospital in NYC on Friday and they got me in with the PA and Ortho surgeon that afternoon. They were dumbfounded how no one made the call thus far - they said the rupture was palpable and the MRI was unnecessary. Anyway,  the surgery was performed two days later (9 days since injury) on Monday, Feb 6.  All went well with the surgery and the staff care was great.
So, going back to the question, "Was it worth it?" My initial reaction was - Yes, it was! There was nothing else I would have rather been doing that day other than playing hockey.  Since the surgery though, as I struggle with going to the bathroom and not being able to shower yet, I can see that my originally positive outlook on this whole situation will be challenged over the next few months.  I promise myself to stay positive and focused on a full recovery.
After all… as per my favorite movie ever… get busy living’ or get busy dying’