Mar 24 2014

View From the Slow Lane @7 months

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“Father Norm, its been a few months since my last confession/post!”. More like 7 months and 2 weeks since the Greek Gods reminded me I was mortal after all! For those of you also on the slow lane, I though an update would be in order and for those in the fast lane, you can see what you missed!

Background: Left ATR whilst running, slipped on harbour steps. No surgery, but casted for 3 months! So dealing with atrophied calf!

At 7 months: ROM now good – can get knee to wall and beyond.(Unlocking the ankle took around 3 months!) Feels like ankle and tendon are made of stiff rubber in the morning now, as opposed to lead a few weeks ago! At last, not limping - unless tired. Then foot goes out and drags and results in tight aductors the next day. Running and tip toe are off in the future somewhere, as for jumping…..!

Physio: Gone down to once every 2 weeks as opposed to every week.

Own Physio: Normal walking. Pool: Stretch (knee to wall), then heel raises at shoulder level moving to waist level - 100 reps. Slow jog from  chest height in pool to shallow end. Got bored of theraband!

Deep Tissue Massage: After reading a couple of posts here, I thought I would invest. Did a specific massage on both tendons and left  aductors. Hurt like hell, so I must have needed it  …..I think!

Like many, noticeable swelling now at break site resulting in a “thick” tendon. Yep I know should massage it! and oh compression socks, wish I had found them sooner! As for the right “good” achilles, still paranoid about that one, but at least it now gets “looked after”!

Norm rightly points out, recovery is incremental. So if you are having to contemplate a long casting (for whatever reason) once ROM is back,  life does get back to being a bit more normal - I just hadn’t appreciated just how SLOW incremental could be!


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  1. Nickyon 25 Mar 2014 at 6:34 am

    I am 3 months ahead of you. The description of your recovery is identical to mine which is reassuring. I was non op, only in a cast for 2 weeks, then incremental degrees of movement every 2 weeks. out of boot at 0 degrees at 10 weeks. I have resigned myself to life in the slow lane after excessive stretching led to a partial tear. I am generally inflexible but little by little am feeling some improvement in the length of the tight sore band at the back of my leg.
    I laid of so much of the stretching as the pain from stretching stopped my ability to work on strength. I can do single heel raises and jump and a bit of a jog but it is all a little sore still.
    I can’t really see that it will ever get back to normal, however when I look back to where i was only 3 months ago, I have some faith.

  2. Jojoon 25 Mar 2014 at 8:01 am

    I’m pretty much in the same camp, too. (Although now at “only” 14 weeks post-op). I changed physios a week ago, as mine seemed a bit lacksadaisical, and the new physio has me going back into the boot after my workout/exercises for just a couple of hours, which seems to help. Also no stretching (but my ROM seems OK). It is getting GRADUALLY better. The pain is now more of a pulling feeling, rather than sharp pain. From reading all the stories on here, it really does seem that we all heal in very different ways and at different speeds. I have to look back to where I was 3 weeks ago to realise that things are improving, albeit slowly. Good luck to you both. Jojo

  3. normofthenorthon 26 Mar 2014 at 12:29 am

    Thanks for the chuckle, Hopalong, and good luck to all of you! I don’t have much for you, except (1) you non-ops, if you’re ever in this spot before, go faster! And (2) Keep attending to your pains and weakness, but do have some expectations that your leg will get better for at least 2-3 years, maybe more.

  4. hopalongon 26 Mar 2014 at 9:52 pm

    Hi Niki, on the one hand great to hear from fellow slow laners - reassuring in a funny way! On the other hand,sorry that it can’t be faster for you. Sorry to hear about the partial tear. That must have been emotionally draining. Hope it is now recovering.
    Tight band is a good description of the current feeling at the tendon. Don’t know about you, but now that mobility (walking with no limp) is back, tendon gets less of a concern. Certain things however have now become the new norm. (Stretching, ice and compression sock). Resigned myself to no running for foreseeable future has not been such an issue as use the pool instead for phys. Still careful to only push off from side with good foot though! I think when running starts again, then calf muscle will quickly build.

    Hi JoJo. You sound to be doing fine, esp as you already have good ROM. I think thats what did it for me. Limited ROM meant work on strength had to be delayed. Good for you for changing physio. Keep them on their toes!! I remember too the boot being very comforting and a good flag when out and about for people to steer clear! Compression sock has now taken over both roles for me now. And totally agree, we each have to go at our own speeds. One can get slightly despondent from reading of the many fast successful protocols on here, which is why its good to flag that the slow laners can also make good progress.

    Hi Norm, my piece was a tad tongue in cheek but therein contains an element of truth. Most if not all of us really appreciate your time and input as there is a lot of docs; physios and even family and friends who don’t really get it. After 6 months of splashing,stretching and walking in the pool here, a woman finally plucked up the courage to ask me what I had done. “Oh I thought it was serious” she said! Nuf said!

    right off to do some stretching! Hoppy

  5. otterwomanon 30 Mar 2014 at 9:53 pm

    Two months ahead of you and with my 9 month anniversary on Tuesday I am still sad about where I am, but feeling relieved to be headed in a new direction. It is still hard to not feel jealous of the straight forward recoveries I read and expected! Tomorrow I head to the pain management doctor AGAIN to hear her take on my nerve damage. Tuesday it is back to my new doctor I finally hired after trying to force my surgeon to help me! My brain is still debating if I should just start running against doctor’s advice, but so far I have not!

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  7. Hopalongon 01 Apr 2014 at 10:05 am

    Hey Otterwoman
    No sadness allowed!
    Saw all that you have/are going thru - puts mere concern with going slow in perspective!
    Great to see that you have a new plan/doc. And best of luck with the new docs, even if it does mean having to start some of this journey again.
    As for running - the view from this couch is its overrated!!


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