Kind of cleared!!

Went to the OS for my follow up today and it went very well!  Plantar flexion listed at 40 degrees and dorsal past neutral  "Walked" of gimped without crutches the whole time.  They were actually impressed with the progress as I am only about 10-11 weeks post surgical date.

Infection seems cleared up as well.

Only restrictions for work are no prolonged walking or standing for more than 2 more hours without a rest break and allowing for leg eleveation (doing so without Dr approval might look insubordinate in my line of work).

PT is continuing and advised to begin resistance/strength training.  Feeling pretty good about things today!

Well isn’t this great?!?

Things have been going very well.  I feel I am ahead of schedule.  Around the house I have been FWB, and everywhere else using one crutch as a safety item.  I have to say I have been very happy.

Happy that is until this week.  Over the weekend I was starting to feel some soreness in a small area on my ankle.  It seemed to get better but the color was not quite right in that area.  My daughter thought I was pretty swollen on Tuesday but it went down overnight.  Wednesday I went to therapy and explained my concerns.  We looked at everything and it was a bit swelled up but it was not hot, discolored or anything just painful to the touch.  The scar from the incision was clean and clear.  Oddly enough the scar area was only half sore.  One half was fine, the other half tender.  So the therapist said no laser until the OS was seen.

Well, I got home and called the OS and got in a few hours later.  We discussed what is going on.  There was no discharge, heat or anything still, just pain.  Now everyone is confused.  The only possibility is cellulitus (sp) but I don’t have all of the symptoms.  Anyhow, we are treating it like it is so I got an antibiotic and going forward as is.

I did get good news.  They were shocked that I was a touch past neutral and my plantar flexion was off the charts with zero pain!  They even said I could probably go back to work with restrictions in a week.  I have my fingers crossed there.

Last night was hell.  I kept waking up all night and my leg felt warm to the touch, at least I thought so.  The skin is sore again today, a bit worse than yesterday.  God I hope the antibiotic kicks in soon.

2nd week of PT

Well today marks my 4th PT session and it is going well.  I feel I am progressing better than my therapists do.  I figured this would happen.  Partially due to my wanting to be done and partly due to their wanting to keep me to a timeline to prevent rerupture.  I get it and appreciate all they are doing for me.

On Friday I asked to transition from one to 2 crutches and was asked to wait until today but change my walking stride.  I needed to walk more like a cross country skier than how I was doing it.  OMG I was sore over the weekend from doing it but it kind of paid off. Today I was told go to one crutch for short walks like around the house.

Needless to say I’m coming along but I still think I’m doing better than they think but then again, I am not the professional.  At least my confidence is high and mentally I am doing well.

Oh and for the record, I am following their orders, I know better.

First PT

Wow,  very thorough at Parkland Physical Therapy in Orchard Park, NY.  What’s even better my therapist Jill has gone through a severe tear and fully understood the Achilles and how this injury can bring you down.

The great thing about this is she put me through the paces and yes, it went well, but what I liked is she how she reminded me that no matter how good my injury MAY FEEL, there is still a road ahead.  I need to work hard and do my homework.  I had thought maybe of trying to get back to work in 2 more weeks, but I’m not rushing it!  There is a long way to go.

My biggest challenge right now is getting that heel-toe movement when I walk.  Well that and to remember to use my crutches not just try walking.

Looks nasty!!

Ok guys, I don’t mean to be disgusting but I have a serious question and it concerns wound care.

After my cast was removed the tech put a dressing and bandage over my wound for around the office for x-rays and going from room to room.  I never thought to ask why.  My OS asked me why it was there and I told him the tech put it on but I didn’t know why.  He was cool with it but took it off.  At the end of my visit he put a large band aid over just to provide padding only. Now keep in mind I hadn’t seen my wound since the staples were removed 4 weeks ago.

Last night while taking off my sock I just had to peek behind the bandage.  OMG it looks nasty.  I believe the wound is still a bit "scabbed" for lack of a better word.  Now, I have no intention of scrubbing or rubbing it at all!  I am wondering if this is keeping the wound area feeling tight and aesthetically I want it gone.

Would a soak be out of the question?

Any suggestions?

So happy!!!!!!!

Well mostly.  Hard cast came off today and my OS gave me some very good news.  He is happy with how I am progressing and has decided NO CAM Walker!  He has placed me in two shoes with heel lifts.  I was advised that my leg will look a bit "fatter" for a while if not forever.  I guess my competitive body building & posing days are over, hahaha.  If you know me you will agree that is not something I ever wanted to do.

Now for the real fun.  Since I am in two shoes I still need the crutches but can slowly work myself into weight bearing on my affected leg.  The tough part at first is learning to "walk" with the crutches.  I think I got it, just need to remember.

The great thing in my opinion is while seated I am almost at a neutral position just bearing the weight of my lower leg.  I am doing some slow strecthing excerises while seated and watching TV.

Well now on to 4 weeks of PT 2-3 times per week.  I have to wait to get in where I want but I can do some things on my own so I’m good.

I want to get back to work "light duty" or better but given my occupation, OS won’t release me yet.  He adcised me that after 2 full weeks of PT if I’m up for it call him up and get in earlier and we will re-evaluate things otherwise at least 4 more weeks.  At least it is 4 weeks without a hard cast and weening myself off of my crutches during that time.

Just very happy right now!

Big Day Ahead

Well, 24 hours to go.  I finally get my cast removed.  Wish I could say I have kept my foot completely immobilzed but I have had a couple of slip ups where I put weight on the cast.  I also have some "wiggle" room inside the cast so I have been doing just that wiggling my foot here and there and putting some force against the inside walls.

I feel great and just want this removed and want to move on to the next step.  I know this won’t be over immediately but personally I feel that I could possibly skip the walking cast/boot.  I’d love to go to two shoes with heel lifts if I can.

We’ll see.  I’ll let you know tomorrow!

It was bound to happen…

Well I made it 3 and a half weeks post injury before it happened.  Today I was getting up from my chair and wouldn’t you know it, I lost my balance and put weight on my affected leg which is still in the cast.  Although I feared the worst, the only sore spot was right where my toes met the cast so I think I dodged a bullet.

Of course I was uptight and moaning a bit.  My wife asked what happened and before I could say a word she said, "You fell.  What did you fall over, and don’t say the area rug?"  I informed her I simply lost balance getting out of my seat and never really fell.  Much to my surprise she didn’t freak out.  She did however scold me by saying I was grounded to my chair elevating my leg for the rest of the day.  Well that and I’m getting to confident and need to slow down.

Hopefully things stay ok and I didn’t cause any damage.  No new pain yet but its only been an hour.

On an unrelated note, anyone out there ever have a cast cause you pain right around the outer or lateral side of the ball of their ankle?  I assume the cast is very snug there as to keep the joint immobilized.

2 Week follow up

Thank God.  I can’t wait to get this cast fixed or removed.  Some of this nerve pain has to be related to my pinky toe being jammed due tot eh cast appearing too tight to me.

Over the past two weeks I have been relatively pain free except for my previously stated pain on the lateral side of my foot.  Overall things seem to be going well.  The swelling is way down and the surgical site is a bit itchy but nothing else to report really.

So the usual check in process happens then right to the cast room.  I figured lets give this a shot.  Could I please get a cast replacement cast?  This one is too tight and driving me crazy.  Once I explained what is going on, the cast specialist took a look at it and said well lets get you some relief and then I’ll talk to the doctor for you.  That placated me for now so she immediately detected a wrinkle in it and decided to open it up around the toe area.  Ah, I felt immediate relief!  Next, she needed to cut a window out of the cast over the surgical site so we could access the sutures.  This should be interesting since we have no solid reference point to figure out where to begin.  Luckily my wife was there and said she was told it was lower than expected due to the rupture site.  Now the real fun, you can’t get a blade guard back there due to the location of the incision and all.  Overall it wasn’t bad and the blade only tickled my heel once or twice.  Now for suture removal.  Now mind you I never had stitches or staples before so I have no idea what to expect and I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to pain. I asked my wife to take a pre-suture removal picture for me which she did.  Knowing I am a baby at times she wouldn’t show it to me until later.  (I will put it in my media pages if you are interested in seeing it, not as bad as I thought.

I was assured I would feel nothing more than a pinch.  10 staples down and nothing felt.  Numbers 11 and 12 were a bit sticky so I felt them but overall nothing unbearable.  Now lets see the doctor.  Well everything looks good I’m told and I explained the pains I am feeling.  apparently I was right basic nerve pains partially caused by a snug cast and otherwise related to the recovery healing process. I asked about changing the cast but was denied.  It was snug for a reason, it keeps my foot nearly 100%  immobilized.  I guess I’ll have to suck it up, at least it isn’t as bad as it was before.  The procedure was explained to me.  Apparently, it is a newer way of doing the procedure which is less invasive and should speed recovery and should be stronger than traditional methods.  It is called PARS and is minimally invasive and is pretty cool.  Check out the PARS link on the top of my page to check it out.  It is not gory or anything but pretty informative.  This method is used on pro athletes as well as Joe Lunch Bucket like me.

Well the window cut out piece was placed back in along with a antibacterial strip to be placed over the incision site to keep everything clean and healthy.

Take an aspirin (325 mg) daily to prevent blood clots from forming.  Keep up on the Tylenol regimen to keep swelling down, continue to elevate and no weight bearing on the affected leg.

In 4 more weeks we will see where we are going next.  that’s when we will decide on whether to put it back in a cast, put me in a boot or maybe just go the route of using a heel lift and going right to 2 shoes.

I’m hoping for the best but planning for the worst.


Wow, I never thought sitting around all day with my feet up would be so tiring.  Just going from my bed to my recliner wipes me out.  I am not enjoying this too much.  I hate being at the mercy of other for things and like doing things for myself, just a bit independent.  The family has been great and my friends call and stop by to visit me which has helped out but I’m still going crazy.  I coach a youth lacrosse travel team and being laid up like this bites!  I want to get out and be with the boys.

My wife was seeing this and went out of her way to help me out a bit.  She went to a local wheelchair company and looked into  how to make things more bearable for me.  I was hating the crutches as they were tearing my armpits up.  So we did a couple of things.  First we got a knee scooter, I like the Drive Knee Scooter 790  ( .  It helps me get around the house and saves on the pit pain.  Secondly, knowing I wanted to get out a bit she picked up a wheelchair with and elevated leg rest.  I only use that when we go out for anything it is too bulky to use in the house.

Another problem needed to be solved, showering.  Well anyone who has had a leg injury knows this will be tricky, so we got a shower chair.  Ok problem one solved.  I tried the garbage bag trick.  got some water in the bag so now a new problem. This happened twice, luckily it cast stayed dry but this couldn’t go on forever.  She stumbled upon a device called Dry Pro cast cover ( )  This item vacuum seals using a bulb to remove the air from the pouch.  I was worried at first due to the sutures but thankfully there were not any problems.  (Once I get the photo posting down here I will get the pics up but for now, just follow the links).

I would also advise you to check with your local motor vehicles department about getting a temporary disabled parking permit.  This could be a lifesaver no matter what mobility option you choose.

Since then I have been out a couple of times.  My first trip out was hysterical.  Once my wife/chauffeur agreed to take me somewhere, I felt like a pet dog being asked if he wanted to go for a car ride.  If I had a tail I would have been wagging it uncontrollably!  Just remembering it is making me laugh!

Oh well until next time, take care

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