Start of 13th week post-op

This was a good week where I saw progress in some areas. I am now able to do an eccentric calf raise holding onto something with only one hand as opposed to two hands. Going down the stairs is still the same as last week and I am still very cautious since I am going down very slowly. I have noticed that when I wake up in the morning I have some stiffness and pain. As the day goes on, the stiffness goes away.

I’m really happy with my balance. I’m able to balance on my repaired leg using a small stability ball. I increased my walking speed on the treadmill to 3.0mph. I feel I could go faster, but, my physical therapist and I are listening to my OS who said he doesn’t want me jogging until the last visit I have with him which is on Oct.29. Here he will give me the green light to push as hard as I can. My PT plans to give me agility tests at around the 5-6 month post-op range to determine if I am ready to return to sports. Soon we’ll start working on addressing deadlift and squat mechanics.

This week I also did something very bold and deadlifted 225lbs and shrugged 225lbs. During the initiation of the deadlift, I didn’t feel any pain, and the weight felt light. I kept it at 225lbs because there is no need to push any further at this stage. A few minutes after and for the remainder of the day, I started to experience pain in the tendon which I attribute to the weight.  My PT doesn’t want me deadlifting more than 45lbs just yet.

I purchased a walking resistance strap and belt and used it today. My friend added the resistance and said my repaired side felt stronger than my other leg which I found to be odd.  I was leading with the repaired side.

Also, when I go to re-rack the weights at the gym, sometimes I have to walk a little with the weights. Once I’m done re-racking the dumbbells, the speed at which I walk seems to improve.

Lastly, I was curious today at the gym and decided to see if I could pivot. I was able to do it!!! It felt great, however, I was pivoting slowly, methodically, and cautiously.

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