Start of 13th week post-op

This was a good week where I saw progress in some areas. I am now able to do an eccentric calf raise holding onto something with only one hand as opposed to two hands. Going down the stairs is still the same as last week and I am still very cautious since I am going [...]

Pool therapy and calf size measurement

My physical therapist measured both calves and the difference is 3cm. It is noticeable and means that there is a lot more work that has to be done.
After PT today, I went to do some pool therapy. At PT, I am improving every week when my PT asks me to walk on my toes, however, [...]

Start of 12th week (3 months) post-op

I’ve noticed a nice increase in strength, endurance, and balance between week 11 and today (start of week 12). For example, although I am still holding onto something when I perform eccentric calf raises, I am able to hold the top position for more time and am able to keep the calf higher than last [...]

11 weeks post-op

In terms of where I am now, I am walking around outside in two shoes. People tell me my gait looks normal. The speed at which I am walking is still slow. I probably walk a little faster this week than last week, but, not a drastic improvement.
Yesterday I had a lot of pain while [...]

Couldn’t walk on toes at 10.5 weeks

Today my PT asked me to try walking on my toes. I simply did not have the strength and push off to do it. I tried three times but couldn’t do it and it caused pain. My PT told me to stop and to try eccentric calf raises. I did a few of these and [...]