Start of 9th week

Today marks the start of my 9th week post-op. I’ve started to walk outside and at the gym in my sneakers since the early portion of this week at 8 weeks post-op. I take my crutches with me but I haven’t been using them. If my PT found out he would be upset since he wants me to use them in public until next week.

I am still experiencing pain my Achilles tendon when I walk. I noticed that when I perform monster walks with the theraband the pain in the tendon goes away when I walk afterwards. I think the hip and glute activation from the monster walks helps. At PT we added the aerobics stepper to ease my fear of going up and down the stairs since I haven’t done so yet. I rely solely on elevators for now.

I’m still a little impatient about  my walking. It is still not normal. My pace is slow and I have to think about each step. My family at home and work out partner at the gym said they see me pausing less, but, the pause is still there. My workout partner at the gym today said my walk looked normal, he just had to concentrate on watching my walking to see the little pause, but, to me I can feel the pause and pain in the tendon when walking. I’m hoping this clears up soon and I can start walking normally again, without thinking about each step, and without pain in the tendon when walking.

As for my calf muscle, I’ve seen some noticeably improvements. I obviously have a long way to go in both calf strength and calf size. At PT, on the leg press I increased how much I am lifting. Yesterday I did 240bs bilaterally and 140lbs on my repaired side.  As for balancing, at PT I am balancing on the airex pad for 3 minutes, stopping a few times to catch myself and at home I am doing 3 sets of 30 second holds on flat surface with my eyes closed. It is really hard and yesterday I came close to holding for 30 seconds without having to catch myself.

I’ll make another post next Friday at 10 weeks post-op which is when I see the surgeon. I really want him to give me the green light to start pushing at PT. Ideally, I’d like to start jogging, doing barbell squats and deadlifts at 12 weeks; running and sport specific movements at 16 weeks.

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