4 Wks Post Op, 2 Wks in boot

8 07 2009

It’s been a very busy 2 Wks.   I was fitted with a cheap velcro crap boot to start with but had them order me a new boot so I could return to work. It took 3 days to arrive and is heaps more comfortable.   its an Aircast boot with air bladders in the sides to hold the foot snug when walking around(looks like a stormtrooper).   It costs $170 but with the private health insurance it cost me $40.   Not bad for something I have to wear for 12 Wks especially to bed.

For those with a manual I’ve been driving since I recieved my first boot.  My car has heaps of room around the clutch and I was driving for 2 wks with the tendon snapped anyway so using the whole foot is pretty easy.   There really is no weight pushing in the clutch.

I started back at work last monday.   Working in an industry that required safety boots provided an hurdle but I overcame that.   I had an old elastic sided steel cap boot that I chopped in half and carved the tread off.   This sits securely inside the foam under the frontstrap.   Works a charm.   The only problems i am having is by the end of the week being absolutelty knackered from lugging the boot around.   Also even though i am wearing my highest work boot on my right leg the other boot is higher and you rock as you walk.  This makes your right hip and calf ache like buggery and I come home every night and just stick my foot up with the boot off.

Because i am at work for almost 11 hours I take my boot off when I come home and put it back on when I go to bed.  So for about 4 hours I shuffle around the house in my socks sans boot.   My foot feels fine and I dont put any pressure at all on the tendon but all my weight is on my foot.   I must emphasise that I am very careful where I place my foot.   It gives a chance for my stinky boot to dry out.

Physio is happy with the way things are going, I dont go back for 2 wks and I just keep doing the excercises they have given me.   When I stretch it is getting further every day and there is no pain at all.

Keep on truckin everybody and think positively.



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