Cast off, Boot on, Start of Physio ! Yeahah

23 06 2009

Back to the doctors today for the cast removal.   He used dissolving stiches so he just removed some pads over the incision and it looks good.   Nice and neat.  Thats his part of the way and I don’t see him again.   The Physio is in the same building so next went staight in to her.

Straight up got fitted with a boot.   The doctor didn’t see the need for an angled one so it is straight into a 90 degree boot with full weight bearing.  Excellent!!!!   She said he has a fairly aggressive attitude to rehabilitation, which is right up my alley.   My excercises are the following

1 Active dorsiflexion (pulling the toes back toward your body then relax,  can use a towel wrapped around foot)

2 Passive plantar flexion (standing near a wall with toes touching and move your knee towards the wall till you feel it strain)

Do both of these for about 2 mins twice a day for 2 wks.   My knee should touch the wall by then they hope.   I have to wear the boot to bed to stop the foot being accidently flexed too much.

In 4 wks time I start more excercises and strenghtening.   I can now shower without the boot and give my smelly foot a good scrub.   The boot feels really good and I can walk with it no problem, straight out to the car and no more crutches. 

I think it’s time for a few soothing ales to celebrate the first major step on the road to recovery.



5 responses to “Cast off, Boot on, Start of Physio ! Yeahah”

23 06 2009
tommo21 (22:32:53) :

Hey Holtman, great to hear mate. Keep up with your exercises, you’ll be jumping around in no time.

24 06 2009
peterh (07:07:25) :

Congrats on the milestone! I know getting the boot was a huge milestone for me, that was the end of the really depressing part of the injury in my experience. For me it was a real plateau though after getting the boot. I could get around great with the boot but was a long way from being able to get around without it. Hopefully your more aggressive program will get you bootless sooner than my 10-week experience. I think if I’d pushed it a bit earlier I could have been walking fairly normally at 8 weeks.

24 06 2009
tracer (12:01:56) :

Getting the cast off was great. Finally felt like I could be a part of the solution and not just waiting. Luckily the military has a fairly good PT program, sadist that they are. Mine was pretty shredded and had to start out with some inserts due to the shortening. Almost level now. Good luck to you.

25 06 2009
lopo1969 (01:43:25) :

Are you really 4 weeks from your ATR!!! good grief that sounds amazing! I’ve been told I’ve got another 4 weeks in the cast then the boot!!! I’m already 3 weeks into immobilisation. I’m jealous man!!!

27 06 2009
Doris (02:27:42) :

Congrats of your great progress. I have a very slow progress, NWB for 3 for weeks, PWB for 3 weeks FWB for another 3 weeks. 2 shoes practise at physio for 2 weeks. Doctor appt at 11 weeks and expect 2 shoes to everywhere. Don’t know next step…….

Good luck on milestones!!

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