11 days postop and clomping around the house

22 06 2009

I went out to the club 3 nights ago to have some tea and a few drinks.   Bloody hard work on the crutches and my right hip got really sore.   The next day I started experimenting putting a bit of weight on my heel, just a little bit at a time.   Pins and needles at first and I was watching for any swelling or pain.   Yesterday I started to use walk using the heel of my cast, with my leg sticking out at an angle and my foot at 90 degrees.  I only go from the lounge to kitchen and back ( can carry a cup of coffee now) and can stand up in the shower.   I know I’m NWB and I’m really bad for doing it but I can’t help myself, surely there is no pressure on the Tendon if all your weight is going on the heel (some people may have detached the tendon off the heel, and it might be different for them).   I think it also helps bloodflow as well, no more pins and needles. 

 But what really is NWB?   Every time we put our leg on a pillow in bed or cushion in the lounge we are putting a load on the whole back of the calf, in the area of the incision.    I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon to get the stitches out and be fitted with a boot, so I will find out if  I stuffed anything up.

I’ll keep you posted after doctor.     Always look on the bright side of life



One response to “11 days postop and clomping around the house”

22 06 2009
tommo21 (21:19:25) :

Hey there Holtman,

very interesting. I am no expert, but I’d probably advise talking to your doc just to be sure. I guess my only fear is that you lose balance and have to put more weight on “bad” parts of the bad foot that you hoped for hobbling to the kitchen. Call me the Devil’s Advocate. How is everything else feeling? Still get the blood rushing to the leg?

I got my boot fitted today, will blog about it later. Gets heaps of weird looks from the Beijingese….


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