Cam Walker Question

18 06 2009

Suerly somebody has come across this problem before. I work as an aircraft maintenance engineer and need to wear steel capped boots in the work area. I rang the physio about a closed in walker boot and she said that they only have the open toed models (especially in the moveable models). She had one patient before who needed one but he took all the time off work (yeah 10 more wks off, as if thats happenning). There are 90 degree models that have the plastic top come down to the toes then a soft front curve. Surely somebody would make a walker to cater for this, or I might have to modify an old work boot, chop off the toe and use that. Please drop a line if you chave come across this.
Also does anybody else wonder if doctors and physios around the world read sites like this. I think they would take a lot of good from it.



7 responses to “Cam Walker Question”

18 06 2009
MalKnowles (20:13:31) :

hiya…It’s just a week since my AT op and I have an aircast walker fitted. (you don’t get these on the NHS…only private) I get your point about the steel toecap. The problem with these plastic and foam boots is the smell…they pong pretty badly after a week or so, that’s why you need to keep plenty of ventilation around the toes. I would think a decent metalworker could easily make a clip on steel plate that fits over the front area if you insist on going to workwith it on.


18 06 2009
tommo21 (21:12:17) :

geez Holty, what a conundrum….get the Union to specially design one for you?!

19 06 2009
peterh (04:04:00) :

I think the Aircasts have a hard plastic closed toe. Does it need to be steel? If not some plants I’ve been to have a “clip on” steel toe for visitors to put over their shoes when touring through the steel-toe area.

19 06 2009
Smish (21:23:33) :

Not sure if you want to hear this one but not too long ago there was a guy where I live that wanted to see if his steel toe boots would work under the weight of a car so he had his buddy run over his foot. The steel toe part unfortunately did bend down under the weight of the car and it cut the top half of his foot off. I am guessing it would be even harder to have a steel toe like attachment for a cam-walker that would be very stable.
The guys at my husband’s job have to wear protective boots. They go pretty far up his shin. One of his co-workers ATR’d about 3 years ago and he was back in his work boots pretty quick. Maybe you could get your doc to approve a real restrictive pair of lace-ups. Good luck. Sorry for the overshare!

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