7 Days post op

18 06 2009

Having the slab cast on has been really been good, I have been moving my foot up and down.   The bandage allows me to move it about 1.5 inches, I can feel my heel moving slightly.   There is no pain at all, I don’t know if it is doing anything but it feels good.

I’ve stopped sleeping with a pillow under my leg now, thres no pain and I can lay on my side (which is great).   I have only had a few pins and needles if I rest on it or bump it a little.

I’ve started doing situps and pushups in the lounge room so I don’t start getting to big.

Only a week to go till I see the Doc again to take out the sticthes.   Apparently I will get a boot on and start physio.   Also start weight bearing again.   After some of the horror stories in here I hope it comes to fruition.

It’s been raining and cold outside almost everyday so it’s not so bad being cooped up.



4 responses to “7 Days post op”

18 06 2009
chukeer (13:31:04) :

Your recovery time line seems pretty similar to mine. I got wrapped up and stuck in the boot after surgery, no cast, then 2 weeks later got the staples out and started PT the next day. Today is week 3 for me and I haven’t used the crutches for 5 days now. Walking with the boot is annoying, but at least I have free hands now!

I think the recovery pace is actually pretty good, I thought it was pretty aggressive when I heard about it and compared it to what I’ve read on it, but now that I’m actually doing it, it’s not bad at all.

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with such an “aggressive” recovery time line.

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