Week 9- Standing Heel Raises

Well, I now officially know why people cry in physical therapy.  Up until now, it’s been pretty fun, aside from the occasional massage/torture on scar tissue.  Today, my physical therapist asked me to do things I don’t even remember how to do- like stand up from a chair without using my arms and leaning forward [...]

Questioning the fit of the Vacocast

I wear a size 9 women’s shoe so I was really in between sizes.  When I ordered my Vacocast, I went back and forth trying to decide on a small or a medium.  I chose small based not the advice of the Vacocast team.  They said I was right in between and it would be [...]

Physical Therapy was my life

So physical therapy became a big part of my week.  I would go 3 times a week and by week 6, I was full weight bearing and at 0 degrees PF.  That was such a huge relief to ditch the crutches.  Tina taught me how to wean myself from the crutches by using just one [...]

And so begins Physical Therapy, week 3-4

After 1 week in a splint and 2 weeks in a cast, I went in for another check-up.  I was SO thrilled when he told me I would go directly into a boot.  The cast room guy brought out a big, black boot and showed me how he was putting 3 wedges in the boot [...]

One week post-op

I couldn’t wait for my doctor’s appt.  He saw me in the cast room and he and all of the technicians seemed thrilled with the small incision and how it looked so far.  He made the decision to put on a cast for 2 weeks, NWB.  So, I walked out with a big ole hot [...]

My story- Rupture and then Rerupture!

I really wish I would have started this long ago, before my rerupture. I’ve gained so much from reading other people’s experiences, good and bad. Unfortunately, it’s been almost 4 months since my first complete rupture of my right achilles tendon and 6 weeks since I reruptured it. So, much of this will [...]