5 weeks down… PRP, PT, FWB?

The trip and the holidays made those 5 weeks NWB fly by.   I saw my ortho at the 5 week point and he was much more positive this time.  This time, my foot responded to the Thompson test and so there was a little cheer by everyone when it moved!  He was much happier [...]

And so begins Physical Therapy, week 3-4

After 1 week in a splint and 2 weeks in a cast, I went in for another check-up.  I was SO thrilled when he told me I would go directly into a boot.  The cast room guy brought out a big, black boot and showed me how he was putting 3 wedges in the boot [...]

One week post-op

I couldn’t wait for my doctor’s appt.  He saw me in the cast room and he and all of the technicians seemed thrilled with the small incision and how it looked so far.  He made the decision to put on a cast for 2 weeks, NWB.  So, I walked out with a big ole hot [...]

Surgery Day- PARS and PRP

6 days after the “incident” on the tennis courts, I checked in to my doctor’s office to brief before the surgery.  He showed me the video of the technique he’d be using, PARS.  It was fascinating, although I didn’t even realize there were different ways of doing this surgery.  He explained that I’d have a [...]

My story- Rupture and then Rerupture!

I really wish I would have started this long ago, before my rerupture. I’ve gained so much from reading other people’s experiences, good and bad. Unfortunately, it’s been almost 4 months since my first complete rupture of my right achilles tendon and 6 weeks since I reruptured it. So, much of this will [...]