Drop-foot or AFO Brace?

Has anyone ever used a drop-foot or AFO brace during the month they have transitioned into regular shoes?  I’m trying to find something to protect my foot after I am out of the boot.  I just want to do anything I can to avoid a re-rupture.  My friend was given an AFO Brace years ago but my doctor isn’t too receptive to it.  I see that it’s something I could order on my own so I thought I’d ask.  Thank you all!

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  1. Let me know what you find and how it works out, Holly! :-)
    Thanks!………. Manny

  2. Holly, I was given a foot-drop brace from my foot doctor prior to the decision to have the surgery to help the pain. It fitted on top of the foot and ankle and padded velcro wrapped around the bottom of my foot/toe area and across the back of the calf. Because of how it fits across the back of the calf I don’t think it would help and may even harm. It also does not allow for angle adjustments and pulls your toes/foot up.

    Because the foot is kept in a 90 degree position it doesn’t allow the tendon to relax. I’m thinking this would strain the tendon and effect the healing.

  3. Hi Holly, I have had a year of issues with my leg after a car accident. Broke my femur and tore my femoral artery. I developed compartment syndrome and nearly lost my leg. I have drop foot and used a AFO for 6 months. 3 weeks ago I had Achilles lengthening surgery.

    I would reccomend an AFO branch for protection and to prevent you from bad walking habits that could develop. The one thing I don’t reccomend it ordering an AFO off the Internet or taking a friends. A good AFO will cost about $1,000 and are specifically designed for you by taking a mold of your foot and leg. Do you self a favor and find a orthotic or prosthetic provider in your area and pay to have one made.

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